w_de_wilson's Adventure Comics #3 - The Boy of Steel, Part Three review

Oh, the humanity

I've loved Adventure Comics since Johns and Manapul started it 3 months ago, and this issue doesn't change that one bit.  I feel like Johns had a list of characters, and DC said "Make them human.  Make people love them."   And god dammit by the end of the book you love them. 
This issue opens with Conner at Smallville High, in science class.  The first bit of this book is comic relief, but in a good way.  One of the things I love about this series is that it's so light-hearted.  With so many depressing books out now, there's something refreshing about watching Krypto capture all of Superboy's rogues gallery and drop them off at his feet.  Including the one's that were already in prison...and the one's that weren't even supervillains anymore.  The following sequence, where Conner tracks down TIm Drake, toes the line between being awesome and being Twilight.  It's a lot of teen drama, or post teen drama...I don't know how old these characters are anymore.  But anyway, it's written beautifully.  It also does a flawless job of recreating the Superman/Batman relationship.  Conner is kind of a pompous ass, and Tim Drake looks brooding.  Except for the tears. 
I can't help but love Manapul's art throughout this series.  It's incredible.  He spares no details in the background.  His landscapes are beautiful, his interiors look real.  Even his background characters have as much feeling as the main focus in the panel.  I have yet to see a weak moment in this series, art wise.  He manages to give Krypto the perfect facial expression, or lack thereof.  Anyone who's owned a dog knows it can't really smile, but you know when it's happy or sad.  It's conveyed through the eyes, and Manapul shows that perfectly.  All his characters show such a great range of emotion, and even without John's fantastic writing, you would know exactly what the character was feeling just by looking at them.  Soon Manapul will be leaving Adventure Comics, but until then, enjoy the perfection while it lasts.

Posted by SilverZeo

Did they mentioned Tana Moon at all in this issue? I would find it unfair that they brought in some of the Kid's enemies even BEFORE his solo series, but yet give no acknowledgment  to his first love since Kon's time on the Teen Titans.

Posted by W@de Wilson

No mention yet.  They kinda started to revive his relationship with Wonder Girl in the second issue of this series, so maybe that's the direction they're headed.  Conner's whole thing right now is to pick up right where he left off, reuniting with all his friends from right before he died.  Bart, Tim, and the others.  He's also working hard to do just what Superman did in Smallville. So maybe that would make Tana his Lana?  Wow...I didn't realize the coincidence until I typed that, pretty weird.  But yeah, haven't seen anything about her thus far.

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