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Oh, the humanity 0

I've loved Adventure Comics since Johns and Manapul started it 3 months ago, and this issue doesn't change that one bit.  I feel like Johns had a list of characters, and DC said "Make them human.  Make people love them."   And god dammit by the end of the book you love them.  This issue opens with Conner at Smallville High, in science class.  The first bit of this book is comic relief, but in a good way.  One of the things I love about this series is that it's so light-hearted.  With so many dep...

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The Worlds Finest Teens together again 0

 after oh so long, Tim Drake and Connor Kent are together again.  As Conner continues to struggle with is identity, he decides that he needs to get a bit more proactive about getting in touch with his best friend Tm drake, who he hasn't talked to extensively since he "came back" . when he finaly tracks Tim down, the two each confide in each other what they have refused to tell everyone else.  While most of the action is headed up by Krypto the super dog, this story isnt about the action. Its abo...

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Lex Luther or Superman? 0

My favorite part of this entire series so far is the lists that Connor keeps making to see who hes more like.  It just adds this slight touch that brings this from a good series to a great series.  In this issue it just gets better! Connor Kent and Tim Drake together again! Seriously what more could you ask for.  This issue starts in Smallville with Connor in science class and most of this scene is just jokes which is nice, its a good relief from the norm of "Dark" comics these days.  There are ...

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Friends Forever 0

This issue continues with Connor trying to reopen himself to the outside world as he chases Red Robin (Tim Drake) through Paris. This issue basically features the emotional charge between these two, and, if Wonder Girl had never existed, we could have had some doubts about the fact that they were JUST friends...  The artwork is amazing.  Legion Second Feature was pretty much a letdown since I don't even CARE about Sunboy and Polarboy....

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the world from superboy and red robins view 0

this issue showed superboy still getting use to thew world he has entered and now that he has reunited with cassie its time to see his best friend tim drake aka red robin both sidekicks have mentor issues superman is off planet and batman is m.i.a possibly dead for superheroes state of mind to be this glum its a sign of desperate times but as they both talk out their problems they gain hope that the world can be restored to its rightful order. the dialouge between them is great as is thier new r...

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An American Superhero in Paris 0

Perhaps my favorite non-romantic comic book relationship is that of Superman and Batman. To see that relationship eloquently translated to younger incarnations, Tim Drake and Superboy, is amazing. While I previously commented that the first two issues of Adventure Comics had a nice sense of innocence harkening back to the old days of the Adventure Comics title, this particular issue is different. Both Tim and Conner are dealing with quite a bit. Their respective spheres of existence have been sh...

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