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1. The Super-Sentry of Smallville (Superboy / written by Alvin Schwartz)

1st appearance of Red Kryptonite

2. Know Your Pet! (public service message starring Jimmy and his dog Rags / written by Jack Schiff)

3. Varsity Vic (gag page by Henry Boltinoff)

4. "The Mystery of the Giant Arrows" (Green Arrow, Speedy / written by Dave Wood. Reprinted in: Action Comics #449, DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23, The Greatest 1950s Stories Ever Told (1990 & 1992), The Green Arrow by Jack Kirby (2001) & Showcase Presents Green Arrow #1.

5. Jerry the Jitterbug (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

6. Chuckle Box (full text jokes)

7. The Robinson Crusoe of the Sea (Aquaman, Topo / written by Jack Miller)

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