lj_prime's Adventure Comics #2 - The Boy of Steel, Part Two review

DC Strikes Gold with Adventure Comics

I know this is only issue #2 but I've been loving the new Adventure Comics. The return of Conner Kent to the proper DCU has been nothing short of stellar thanks to some exceptional writing from Geoff Johns and great artwork from Francis Manapul. In an industry where most comics tend to focus on costumed heroes beating up bad guys (which is great, BTW), this is turning out to be one of the sweetest titles around. You have Conner laying low in Smallville, hanging out with Ma' Kent and Krypto and just trying to figure out where he really fits in the larger picture, as a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. Of course, Conner's small-town adventures really come alive thanks to Manapul's charming and colorful art. 
In this issue, Conner and Cassie (Wondergirl), former lovers and Teen Titans finally get back together for the first time since Superboy's death and Johns writes a brilliant reunion scene. You can tell he really cares about those characters, having written for Teen Titans alot, and the result is just magic. While this was mostly a character-driven issue, Johns also sets-up some upcoming mayhem with Superman baddies Lex Luthor and Brainiac, so there's bound to be some action ahead for Superboy. 
The Legion of Super-Heroes second feature is a lot better than last issue. I know next to nothing about the Legion, but by the end of Johns' story I thought Lightning Lad was pretty badass. That's always a good sign.
Pick this up!
PS - It's a crying shame the Dynamic Duo of Johns/Manapul leave after this arc. On the flip-side, I'm even more psyched for the new Flash series now.


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