comicbookheretic's Adventure Comics #10 - Part Six: Divided, Conquerable; Awake, Part 3 review

Out of the bottle into battle

  This is the latest chapter in the Last Stand of New Krypton crossover in the Superman Family of books.  So far the preceding chapters have been good reads.  Bringing back Superman, doing away with Commander El.  We've seen the Legion Espionage squad in the 21st Century doing their part to help save the future.  Zod and the Kryptonians getting their collective a$$es beat back into the bottle.  Is this the end for Kandor and New Krypton?  Well not yet we have a couple of more chapters to go this book included. 
We pick up the right at the point that Last Stand of New Krypton #2 left off.  Supes has been hit by some bad (red) sun light and has lost his powers.  We'll just say that Quislet saves the day.  Cut to Superboy on the inside of Brainiac's ship working with the Legion.  There is a nice confrontation between him and Lex.  Lex as always has an Ace up his sleeve and he shrinks Connor and puts him into the bottle  Kandor.  The scene changes an we find Mon-el caught by the Brainiac 'bots trapped in a dream/nightmare.  Connor then confront Zod and he is treated to a beat down by a well trained and more experienced Zod.  Zod then pulls his Ace out of his sleeve and used some reverse engineered Tech to break out of the bottle prep to attack Brainiac.   
You know the action here is great and the emotions that are drawn out with the dialogue hits the right beats.   The only complaint is the art.  I don't like how Connor is drawn in his scenes.   
The second feature has much better Art and Trautmann spins a great tale. I knew that Car-Vex would have to get her comeuppance.  I just didn't think it would happen until War of the Supermen.  I was wrong and they way that Trautmann lays the story out for us the tension builds well and the final scene is almost like a release for the reader too.  Blamm down goes Car-Vex.  A thread that get tied up here that I had been wondering about for months: whatever happened to the real Nadira and Az-rel.  Well General Lane had them all along.  I guess I kind of thought that but it was good to have it confirmed anyway.  The colors and art really added to Trautmann's story in a way that the art didn't in the first or lead feature.  The co-feature would have received a 4 out of 5 if it was a stand alone.   This has me jacked for War of the Supermen!
 The first story gets a 3 out of 5 due to weakish art but the co-feature/back up pulls this up to a 3.5.  I am loving the Last Stand and can't wait to see what happens in War of the Supermen. 

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