englentine's Adventure Comics #1 - The Boy of Steel, Part One; Long Live The Legion, Part One review

Better tn it deserves

 After his return from the dead in Legion of Three Worlds, Superboy has taken up residence On the Kent farm in smallville. There he is filling out a list of things that Superman has done, and is crossing them off as he does them himself. We get a look at the way he is handeling the smalltown life, and it looks like he is there for awhile. 
 I do not know what it is, but there is a certain atmosphere to the book that has me liking it, probably a little more than it deserves.  There is no supporting cast introduced outside of Ma Kent. At least none that looks as if they will be showing up again, or even on a regular basis.  It's a very simple and enjoyable story that has no real drama to it. It's weird. I can't quite put my finger on this thing.  I am able to recommend it. 
    Now the back up story with The Legion Of Superheroes, well it was okay, but really I want them back in their own book. however I did like the humor in what turns out to be a huge throw away story.  Well, that is unfair. The story is just getting started so it may turn out to be pretty good. As is though, I would rather they put all of these back ufeatures into a new version of "Showcase presents, and drop the price again.

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