karlails's Adventure Comics #0 - The Legion of Super-Heroes; Origins and Omens review

A Look Back.

This is a relaunch of the Adventure Comcis series. It features two stories. The first one is a reprint of the old Adventure Comics #247 called "The Legion of Super-heroes" written by Otto Binder, art by Al Plastino and the other one is a new story called "Origins & Omens" by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.

I was surprised that I liked that silver age story better, given how campy and pointless it is, but the "Origins & Omens" storyline just seemed a bit too complex for a first (zero(th?) actually) issue. I'm not all that familiar with the Superman universe so it was hard for me to just jump in. Also it made want to read the next issue just a little bit.
The first story was really fun as in how ridiculous it is by today's standarts. The Legion of Super-heroes had little jetpacks and corny outfits. As for the art, well, it's silver age, I personally think they should have done some coloring with shadows since it's not an actual reprint issue but an issue featuring the reprint, they could have even redone the story entirely. Sure, that's not necessary.
The other story had some cool artwork and the coloring was pencil-like, which I liked. As I said the writing came of a little "meh", maybe because it's hard to pull in readers right from the start but it's not like we see superboy the first time.
The cover  by Aaron Lopresti was really neat. Like a crossover with the silver/bronze age artstyle (superboy never looked so ripped then, though) and a bit more modern coloring.
It's a little shaky start but it does show promise considering the creative team behind it.


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