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Even with the end of the Cold War, espionage is still at an all time high. The now defunct KGB had been unable to recieve the knowledge of Rhazes Darkk's experiments before the american government confiscated them and made Lastic. So the KGB used their own genetic testing to create the ultimate killing machine, taking the shape of a sweet and ever so innocent little schoolgirl. The experiments began with chimps, but upon reaching perfection in their genetic testing, they moved to human subjects. They cloned their first subject to avoid killing innocent human life. Adrenalynn is less than half human. Her limbs are robotic. and the A.I. computer chip in her brain realizes itself to be a seperate entity which Addie refers to as "Boss". She received most of her orders from her maker and liaison named Yuri, until he gave her services over to a man named Moto Fujisaki. The payment Yuri recieved from Mr. Fujisaki was actually a bomb, he died moments after leaving Adrenalynn with Fujisaki. Fujisaki told her that she had a new family now. At a secret police headquarters in Tokyo he began hacking into her brain and removing her implanted memories, replacing them with the objectives to wipe out the 10 monstrosities wreaking havok across the planet, starting with Gozza who has been destroying villages left and right. She is truly only loyal to the KGB.


Adrenalynn was created by Tony Daniel and Martin Egeland, and she first appeared in The Tenth #2.

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