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Little is known about Adon's life, what is known was that she was born and raised in Galyanna. As such, she is part of an alien race, and had a close relationship with her mother.

The Speaker of Forever Light serves as a liaison between the people of Galyanna and the "Council of Voices," the disembodied consciences of The Lost Land's greatest leaders.

The Council have lived and ruled Galyanna as immortals for thousands of years. Having uploaded their conscious minds into massive computer systems centuries ago, the Council lives on though their bodies have long since died.

As the only Governess of Galyanna permitted to speak directly with the Council, Adon's position is one of the highest respect, and ultimate sacrifice. The Speaker must serve only the needs of the Council and the people of Galyanna. Although she has served the council faithfully since her Mother's untimely death, Adon often longs to be free of her bonds.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Adon is first seen on an inverted pyramid-like structure orbiting through space, paitienly waiting for the new Turok's arrival. She then witnesses Joshua Fireseed arrive from a portal, and introduces herself to the new Turok. Adon later explains to Joshua that she has been chosen by the elders of the Lost Land, the Lazarus Concordence, to guide him throughout his quest to stop the Primagen.

Adon provides an informative briefing on the Primagen and his main objective to destroy the Energy Totems, wiping out the Lost Land and Earth. The extraterrestrial further explains that she will provide Joshua with objectives to help further his mission on along the journey.

While Joshua Fireseed finally confronts the Primagen, Adon supervises their battle but is stopped for a moment when she feels a dark presence approaching her.

This entity causes a feeling of dread and terror to wash over Adon. Soon after the encounter, she scanned its energy signature. Unfortunately she was not able to gain any other information on the force, other than the fact that its signature was beyond any other fundamental force.

Adon explains to Joshua that she had picked up traces of the Turok lineage with this force, and that whatever it was, the Fireseed family had dealt with it before.

"I have been unable to identify the force which conspired against you during your battle with the Primagen. Its form eluded me. While I searched, a feeling of dread washed over me, a feeling unlike any that I have ever experienced. There is a natural balance in the cosmos between that which we define as good and that we which know as evil, light and dark, order and chaos.

Although I have been unable to gain any specific knowledge of this being, its energy signature feels as if it exists beyond either fundamental force. And one other thing, Joshua: each time I scanned this entity's signature I also detected the energies of the Turok lineage as well. Whatever it is, your ancestors have dealt with it before."

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

Two years after the events in Seeds of Evil, the dark force, otherwise known as Oblivion, has returned. Later that night, Joshua is presumed killed when he sets off a bomb to dispose of Oblivion Spawns, leaving his younger siblings, Danielle and Joseph Fireseed the only two to continue the Turok lineage.

Throughout the story, Adon picks up traces of Joshua's spirit, and feels that he may still be alive. The extraterrestrial then tries to find answers to these traces. Upon entering a ruined altar in the Lost Land, she finds a small water-filled grotto with the "child is the key" symbol.

A voice of the grotto then begins speaking to Adon, telling her that Joshua can in fact be saved. The voice then tells Adon that she must "seek the The Keepers" in order to save the fallen warrior.

After Oblivion is defeated, and it's essence removed from Joshua's possessed body, Adon brings this subject to the Council of Voices. They deny all of the Speaker's claims that she can save Joshua, and try to stop Adon's pursuit. This leaves Adon frustrated, and she defies the Council's orders, stepping down from her position to save Joshua.

After Adon's departure, the Council have already chosen a new Speaker, a woman named Yvree. The new Speaker claims that Adon continues to attempt to save the warrior, because Adon loves Joshua. The Council demand that Yvree should stop Adon before she succeeds.

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