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Not much is known about Adolf's origin. He speaks with a German accent and his resemblance to Adolf Hitler could be out of adulation or mere coincidence.

Major Story Arcs

Adolf as rat

With two fellow villains, Viva and Rocky Strongjaw, he once masterminded the attempted kidnapping of Flo, Armstrong's dinosaur. The dinosaur lived with Andromeda, the wife of Armstrong, in Cote D'Azur, France. Fortunately, at that moment, Archer and Armstrong turned up for a surprise visit. Met with a setback, Adolf knew about 'Armstrong's enemies' and contacted The Sect, which sent it's member Medoc after Armstrong. Medoc attacked Armstrong in an armed helicopter. Having created a diversion, Adolf and his fellow kidnappers were able to trap Flo in a net. Before they could drag the dinosaur of the island, Andromeda stepped in and turned Adolf into a giant rat. He was never seen again.

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