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This story is told by Jackie as a flashback.  We see him collecting firewood on his own, on a deserted jungle island.  He misses his brothers: Bruce was killed last issue, and he was separated from the others.
The hamsters had been fighting Infidel Castro, who left them alone in an underwater base.  They find a room of SCUBA equipment and swim out to retrieve Bruce's body.  They check him on the medical equipment in the lab, but he is flatlined.
The others go off to grieve.  However, a shadowy figure breaks out of a container in the lab and does something to Bruce's body, and we hear the heart monitor start to beep again.  The others hear a loud buzz and, assuming the worst, run to grab Bruce's body and get out.  However, the lab has been locked, and they have to leave without it.
They get in undersea sleds and rocket off.  The lab explodes, and they are knocked out and separated.
Jackie ends up on his island.  He is having difficulty grappling with the situation, and finally carves a grave marker for his dead (?) brother.  Chuck is rescued by some Russians and Clint ends up on a mafia party boat.
The comic also features a back-up strip called "Ronnie & Gorbie," a satire on Reagan and Gorbachev during the Cold War.

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