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The hamsters leave New York and travel into the backwoods in order to escape the law.

They stop off at a liquor store, but it is late at night and it's closed. Clint breaks in, planning to leave money for the food and the door. However, he Chuck and Bruce are interrupted by the store owners, who are flagrant racists and think the hamsters are African-Americans.

Meanwhile, Jackie, who continues to have mental issues after his two previous electrocutions, thinks he is Snoopy in his WWI Flying Ace identity. The Heap (similar to Marvel's Man-Thing) walks nearby in the swamp. The Heap also happened to actually be a WWI flying ace in his former life. The Heap is attracted to him and carries him off.

The store owners call the cops, who take Clint, Chuck, and Bruce off to a ritual meeting of the CCC, or Coo Clucks Clan, a band of Colonel Sanders worshippers who dress up like chickens. A satire on the KKK, their chant is "All white meat! No dark meat!"

The Heap takes Jackie back to the hamsters' RV, and they drive off...then crash.

The other hamsters are about to be sacrificed when Jackie and the Heap arrive and run off the CCC.

Their old teacher, Master Lock, sees their recent exploits on TV and, horrified, starts off to America. Meanwhile, the PLO, their foes from issue 1, escape from prison.

This issue featured somewhat less self-awareness and artist appearances than the previous ones.







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