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We finally see what happens with the 10' cockroaches, as Chuck beats them to a literal pulp. Myron the cabdriver finds him and tells him what the others did (blow up the Statue of Liberty!).

Meanwhile, the others try to escape the long arm of the law, but accidentally run directly into a police station. They are tried and quickly sentenced and processed, all with continual misunderstandings and antics. They experience all the worst possible aspects of jail life, including an attempted haircut for the mohawked Clint, and dog meat for dinner.

Jackie ends up separated from the rest and strangely finds a superhero costume in a closet. He puts it on and sits down in an electric chair, which electrocutes him (for the second time in two issues).

Clint and Bruce start a food fight in the cafeteria but are overwhelmed by the number of convicts. Jackie, whose mind has been altered by his electrocution, jumps in to help, still dressed as a hero. Clint ends up getting knocked out of the prison, into Myron's cab; Myron and Chuck are coming to get them out. They leave him in there, but Clint crashes the car into the prison.

The hamsters run out. They part with Myron on good terms.

In the back-up story, by Kevin Harville and Bryan Robles, they once again deal with the Yeti, except this time they are real. The yetis feed them "valley creature stew," which is disgusting and they run away.

The characters once again features a very high degree of self-awareness of their comic-book existence, including appearances by the creators.

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