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The hamsters are riding their RV out of town when Jackie sees a toy store out of the window. They screech to a halt as Jackie runs in to buy some Flower Garden Folks dolls (a parody of Cabbage Patch Kids). Inside the store, and across the country, parents are going crazy buying the dolls left and right. Clint runs in to help, magnum at the ready, but ends up getting one himself. The dolls are actually animatronic and seem to be alive. They act in sickeningly sweet and cheesy ways (except Clint's, which is decidedly more adult).

However, as they drive on, the RV starts to smell really badly. Jackie hears on the radio that the dolls are radioactive and starting to melt down and cause havoc nationwide, but he loves them so much he doesn't tell the others. Later, Cllint stops off for some drinks and strippers. When he gets back, the dolls have gone nuts and are starting to decay: they look like zombies (and thus now become parodies of Garbage Pail Kids). The other hamsters wake up and have to destroy the dolls in an enormous and gross-out battle.

The hamsters drive to the place where the dolls' creator, Xavier Snobberts has a doll hospital. They rescue Snobberts, and battle hordes of other dolls. Finally, after they are all destroyed, the hamsters leave, and we see that Snobberts is also a robot himself.

Note: The 3D stories are more straight-ahead action-comedy than the main title, which is more self-aware and self-referential.

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