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648982 Exile-616 Thing Overview 02/21/15 08:27AM 2 Approved
648972 Exile-616 Thing Overview 02/21/15 08:23AM 17 Approved
575205 JadenYuki Thing Overview 11/29/14 05:46AM 7 Approved
571768 Novawing Thing Overview 11/24/14 08:47AM 1 Approved
561894 N00beditor3 Thing Overview 11/08/14 12:18AM 1 Approved
561893 N00beditor3 Thing Overview 11/08/14 12:17AM 27 Approved
202995 VegetarianChris Thing Overview 09/04/13 06:29AM 86 Denied
199522 youmessinwithme Thing Overview It said the Beyonder destroyed Namor's indestructible armor, and well he destroyed Ironman's armor not Namor's Namor doesn't wear armor 08/31/13 10:28AM 1 Approved
57859 jloneblackheart Thing Overview link 05/11/13 07:03PM 1 Approved
9074 jloneblackheart Thing Overview sim 04/02/13 08:55PM 39 Approved

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