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This article says
"This was created by an experiment involving Wolverine. As a side effect of bonding true adamantium with his bones, and his rapid healing ability there was a molecular change which has adapted adamantium to the biology of normal bone. This Adamantium acts like a biological component, regenerating as his bones do."  Does anyone think this is a little overboard besides me? Does anyone have proof of this? I am willing to accept it if there is an explanation. Thanks.

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LOL your question poses an interesting though is it ludicrous and out landish its a comic so of course it is.  However molten metall once fused to a material does gain many properties of the other element. And bone as a living tissue with memory does reconstitue. So IF and I make this a huge IF  the bone could survive the process of being infused with Metal (and the guy could still move) than sure the Metal so infused would grow and reconstitue as normal living tissue. But the honest truth is the tempatures involved in this process would probably fuse the bones into a solid mass and the person would not be able to move the bones would be for all intents and purposes be a melted mess and if the flesh of the person wasn't a glob of goop he would die of rigidity.

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