Adamantium vs. a Lightsaber

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#101 Posted by kuchiku (4070 posts) - - Show Bio
SUNMAN said:
"kuchiku said:
"Ok first a Lightsaber is just a super hot beam that burns anything it touches sooooo that means that adamantium would just go straight through a lightsaber because its indestructibe, so Adamantium wins.

BTW wayyyy old thread
yea but according to and only according to the X-2 movie. When heated Adamantium melts/becomes liquid.  The movie said Adamantium was virtually indestructible but not indestructible. In the comic universe to my knowledge Adamantium is indestructible. But going by the movie I would say a light-saber should be at least able to melt if not cut adamantium.


True.....Forgot about the movie's version of Adamantium. Doesnt Real Life suuuukkkk.
#102 Posted by onegalactis (2 posts) - - Show Bio

the question here is what happens when an unstoppable force, meets an unmovable/indestructible object.. kinda like the big bang going off inside a neutron star. this is one of those things that even our imaginations cant fathom.

#103 Posted by oldgum (322 posts) - - Show Bio

Adamantium has been seen survive extreme heat, probably it need more than heat to melt it(like high pressure...)

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