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If wolverine's bones and claws where boned with Adamantine    the metal that hercules golden mace was forged out of would magneto be able still to affect it the same as ADAMANTIUM ?
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That's a good question.  I don't know.   
Is Adamantine ferrous?  Is Magneto able to affect 'godly' metal (Has he affected Uru in the past?)?   
It would be cool to see Marvel address this.   
If it were up to me, I'd say no.  Magneto has plenty of power already and making him unable to manipulate Adamantine would'nt matter much because it's so rare anyway.
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He can. He's done it before    

Wolverine #6
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@TypingKira said:
" He can. He's done it before    

Ta-duhhh "
Two different metals love
Adamantine and Adamantium. 
As I understand it, Adamantium is an attempt to copy Vibranium, just not a good attempt. Adamantine is a mythical metal of the Gods.
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@TheCrowbar: Ooh. . .  well now don't I feel silly? Sorry! 
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Yes, Magneto can affect everything, the question here is how well Magneto can affect Adamantine. He may for example have a harder time manipulating at it. Possibly to the extent it may appear he can't do much, but still Magneto's powers aren't metals, its electromagnetism. Magneto has also affected Uru before, seemingly we could assume not easily, but that may have been because Thor was mentally resisting or instructing Mljonir in an unseen way, or it could be that it was just harder to manipulate.  
Unless Adamantine actively rewrites reality (instead of sort of ambiguously expands on it, like most mystical things do) than Mr Mags can affect it. 

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He could never affect 616 Thor's hammer. So I don't know if he can't just affect Uru or any godly medal. 

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