Adamantiium vs a Power Ring (Sort of)

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If Wolverine were to Slash at a person weilding a power ring, and that said person had a force (Bubble) around him, could the adamantium cut it or whatever.

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it depends on whose wearing the ring

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The Emerald Knight said:

Probably not then
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The answer is the person wearing the ring have enough will power to stop said attack and in most cases yeah however G'nort might have an issue.

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We the forcefield of a GL can hold back a Supernova no problem...

can Wolverine's claws say the same thing? i doubt it...

unless someone is seriously stating that Wolverine's slash has more power than a Supernova...


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Wolverine could slash all he wants... he aint breaking a Solid Forcefield Construct of Hal Jordan's
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Theres a world of difference between trying to break something and trying to cut through it. 
Have they quantified how sharp Wolvie's claws are?
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Have Wolvie's claws ever cut through energy before?


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