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Adam first appears out of nowhere during the time the events of Fear Itself are engulfing the Marvel Universe. Johnny Blaze is drinking away his sorrows and complaining about the burden of having the demon Zarathos bonded to him and being the Ghost Rider, when Adam offers him a way out.

Johnny initially refuses, claiming that there has to be some sort of catch to Adam's proposal and that whatever he could possibly want in return would only make Johnny's life more complicated. Adam claims that he only wants to help Johnny, save the human race, and create a fresh start.

However, Johnny is not convinced of Adam's seemingly generous offer and stands firm on his decision to not to go through with the deal. The inebriated Johnny leaves Adam's presence to go deal with some local hoods who are taking advantage of the world falling into chaos, but he is badly beaten up and needs days to recover.

When Johnny awakens, he even more so believes that he will never be able to be happy while he has Zarathos bonded to him and that no one can help another without wanting something else in return. He whispers for Adam, who immediately appears behind him, and tells him that he would like to take him up on his offer of removing the Ghost Rider curse from him.

Johnny asks Adam what's the catch on the deal, and Adam simply replies that the curse of the Ghost Rider must be passed onto someone else.

He has Johnny swallow a piece of tree root and then tells him to drive as fast as he possibly can, in order to rip the demon Zarathos from his bones. Johnny storms off into the desert and sheds the curse from his body. Adam looks on pleased that the curse has finally been removed from that "redneck loser" and states that the war on sin has begun.

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