Adam Warlock is BACK!!!!!

#1 Posted by GoocherLee (365 posts) - - Show Bio the Annihilation : Conquest series.

I'm reserving judgment on whether or not I like this latest incarnation of Warlock without Jim Starlin writing him, but from what I've read so far [Annihilation Quasar 4 & Annihilation : Conquest #1] things are going well for the character.

A new costume and some new powers, too. And just as I suspected a few months ago... no Soul Gem. But hey... big daddy High Evolutionary is on the scene, so who knows... he may get his soul gem again.

All I know is... Warlock is back!!!!!


[Here's to the writers not f-ing him up!]


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OMFG i need those issues!!!!

#3 Posted by Liverwurst (881 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell yes!

#4 Posted by warlock360 (28064 posts) - - Show Bio

whoever was waiting to see the new Adam Warlock... ill give you the pleasure of seeing him ;)

from right to left start from the bodom.

(basicly they had to wake adam up a little too early thats why adam is struggling with himself in that issue.)
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