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A Strange Journey Through Time

In This Issue:
Adam Strange goes on a wild ride through the timestream as a result of some events that take place in Rann/Thanagar: Holy War #4.  His trip starts with his first arrival on the planet Rann and works it's way up to an awkward meeting with his future self and an even more awkward meeting with Synnar.
The Good:
I've always really liked the Adam Strange character.  He's kind of like the Land of the Lost guy who gets zapped to another planet.  He gets to hop over to Rann to be a hero and go on adventures.  Fun, right?
The art is ok, I mean, Rick Leonardi is a seasoned vet, you can't really go wrong with him.
I have mixed feelings on Synnar, I'm starting to like him, but I don't know what his real role is yet.  I'm a fan of the big cosmic despot guys like Thanos and Darkseid, so I'm excited to see where this character is going.  
The Bad:
I have to admit that the story was a bit confusing and awkward.  Of course that's usually a staple when it comes to time-travel stories so it's not too bad.  This is a one-shot so I just wish that I felt like I got more of a complete story out of it, but really all this is just a spin-off of Rann/Thanagar: Holy War.  Not to say that's a bad thing, but if they'd just fleshed out the story a little bit more I'd have been sold.  Or at least they could have revealed something key in this issue, that would have been good too.
The Verdict:
I'm giving this one three and a half stars.  Solid art by a seasoned vet, but a story that's not all there.
Until next time...
Posted by Silkcuts

Your reviews are shaping up nicely now. :D
I like the look of your longer reviews.
I am glad you are showing love to Adam Strange.  A few readers recommended my planet heist review, so I think there are Adam Strange fans... maybe they were Diggle fans...
Well keep up the good work.
- Silkcuts

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