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Volume 2 Generations


 Takezo Kensei is revealed to be a 'gajin'...

After Hiro stops time to save a fake Kensei , the real Kensei emerges and argues with Hiro, revealing that he is from England and speaks English. Hiro tells Kensei that he is supposed to save the village of Otsu , as it is revealed that Otsu is on fire. The legendary swordsmith's daughter from Otsu takes Kensei's sword , stating that her father made the sword and blaming Kensei for allowing the village to burn.

In the present, Kaito Nakamura stays on the rooftop of the Deveaux Building expecting that one of the remaining members of the group of twelve individuals of which he was a part will try to kill him. A mysterious hooded figure appears. Kaito appears to recognize the individual as a member of that team, saying "Of all of them, I never expected that it would be you". Just as Ando , whom Kaito had sent to get him a sword, returns, the figure tackles Kaito and pushes him off the building. When Ando looks down, the figure has disappeared.

After resuming his position as town drunk, Kensei's armor, sword, and horse are "borrowed" by Hiro , who, after much pleading with Kensei to save Yaeko , decides to take up the task for himself. Hiro does indeed save Yaeko using his powers in the Battle of Twelve Sword , and credits the rescue to Kensei, who agrees to team up with Hiro to fulfill his future image as a hero. However, Kensei takes two arrows in the shoulder and one in the chest from the band of thugs who threatened Yaeko earlier. Chest covered in blood, he dies. However, after Hiro removes one of the arrows from his chest, Hiro is shocked to see Kensei's wound heal right before his eyes. 
 After Kensei regenerates from his arrow wounds, he is shocked. He believes that Hiro has cursed him and exclaims,
 Hiro duels Kensei at the camp...
"Lazarus Risen!" Later, Hiro finds Kensei again, testing his powers by slicing his arm with a sword. Hiro then demonstrates his own powers by teleporting around a log. Kensei then ponders upon the possibilities of his new found powers and that it will make him "richer than the Pope". Hiro, still wanting Kensei to follow the stories that were read to him as a child, teleports them both to Whitebears 's Hidden Fortress , insisting he fights past the ninety angry ronins and claim the fire scroll . Kensei then manages to complete this task and rejoins Hiro and Yaeko with the scroll. When Hiro tells Kensei he must leave, Kensei is somewhat saddened and wishes him well. Kensei then playfully showers Yaeko with cherry blossom petals.   
 Ando brings the scrolls from Hiro to Tatsuya Atsumi , and after some work, Tatsuya puts it under a microscope to show the hidden characters. On the scroll, it tells Hiro's tale of helping Kensei. Kensei and Hiro run up to Yaeko with another fragment of the tapestry to find Whitebeard's camp and help find Yaeko's father . Ando reads more on the scrolls about Kensei's journey. Yaeko insists that she follows Kensei and Hiro into battle, and the three see how massive Whitebeard's army is. The story cuts off, and Ando cannot read the rest.  

 Although it is revealed that Takezo Kensei is Adam Monroe who kills one by one the Company founders for locking him up...

At nightfall, Kensei, Hiro , and Yaeko sneak into Whitebeard's camo and Kensei takes care of one of the guards . They enter the smoldering tent and find Yaeko's father , distraught that he showed Whitebeards how to make guns. Kensei then hacks off Yaeko's father's ankle chains in return that he promises that he will destroy all of the guns. The four of them leave the tent and proceed away from Whitebeard's camp. On their leave, Yaeko gets shot at but Hiro teleports them away so she avoids getting hurt. Kensei goes to look for them, and finds them alone, kissing.

Later on, Hiro finds Kensei and is glad to see him. Kensei replies that he saw Hiro and Yaeko kissing and that he has been cut deeper than any wound could be. Hiro tells him that he will not interrupt their friendship and promises it was the first and last time that they will ever kiss. As Kensei appears to believe Hiro and continue his adventure, he knocks Hiro unconscious as Yaeko and her father are brought before him by Whitebeard's men. Whitebeard promises Kensei anything he wants for his help, and Kensei glances at Yaeko while he walks away.

In the present, Mohinder observes Adam's name written on a folder Bob was carrying. Later, when Bob says that he has big problems and an individual to worry about who could be a real danger, Mohinder brings up Adam's name. Later, Peter and Caitlin find a note (signed "Adam") in Montreal addressed to Peter, warning him about the Company .


Kensei reveals to an imprisoned Hiro and Yaeko that Whitebeard has promised him half of Japan in exchange for Hiro's

 ...and Adam teams up with Peter Petrelli...

capture. Kensei informs Hiro that he plans to lead Whitebeard's army in conquest of Japan, thus becoming the great warrior Hiro insists that he is.

Later, when Hiro attempts to blow up Whitebeard's arsenal, Takezo Kensei appears and the two of them do battle. Kensei is disarmed and knocked to the ground, but refuses Hiro's final offer of help, vowing that as long as he lives he will lay waste to everything Hiro cares about. Hiro teleports away just as the tent explodes, and later returns to find Kensei's helmet and face mask laying beside a charred corpse.

In the present, Bob tells Nathan that Adam was the one who suggested the group of twelve come together, and suggested holocausts and plagues to help save the world, claiming that Adam felt he was a god. Nathan notes that Adam's plans sound like Linderman , and Bob tells Nathan that Linderman was his disciple. Later, Peter returns  to Montreal and hears a noise. He sends a bolt towards the intruder, but the bolt is blocked by a hand, and it  regenerates . Adam walks towards Peter and asks why he fired at him, but Peter tells him he doesn't know who he is. At this, Adam reintroduces himself to Peter. 

 ...and even if Hiro can't kill Adam...

Peter concentrates and remembers everything about his past and discovers that Adam was held by the Company in their "prison facility" for at least 30 years, under the promise that they would fix him, but rather they only held him there to prevent him from saving the world or becoming a danger to others. When Peter arrives at Primatech Research after the explosion , they talk for four months.

After Peter refuses to take his power negation pills for five days, he phases through the wall and into Adam's cell . Adam grabs on to Peter and they both escape from the facility. They go to Nathan's hospital room where Adam takes some of his blood and introduces it into Nathan's IV, instantly reversing his burns from the explosion. Peter and Adam escape the hospital but are accosted by the Haitian and Elle at the docks . Adam tells Peter to meet him in Montreal and they separate.


Hiro Nakamura returns to the time of his father's death, stopping time momentarily to reveal his murderer as Adam.

Angela Petrelli tells Matt Parkman that, due to Adam's ability , his cells have regenerated so often that they have stopped him aging — essentially, he has become immortal, living for 400 years. His motives for killing each member of the group of twelve in turn is also explained — he wants revenge for the company imprisoning him for thirty years.

Peter and Adam go to see a woman named Victoria Pratt who was one of the twelve about the virus . Victoria is reluctant but then tells Peter that Adam was the one who tried to release the virus. Victoria shoots at Peter when she finds out he is working with Adam, but both regenerate . Peter uses his telepathy to find out information. Adam then unties Victoria and kills her arguing she was going to shoot Peter in the head. Peter and Adam travel to Primatech Paper in Texas where the virus is kept. Hiro then arrives to kill Adam and freezes time, but an unfrozen Peter vows not to let Hiro harm Adam at the very end of the episode.  

Adam and Peter break into Primatech , searching for the deadly Strain 138 of the Shanti Virus . On the way, they are

 ...he still ends up loosing.

intercepted by Hiro . After Peter Shock Hiro, Adam claims back his sword . They break into the lower levels, where Peter opens a vault door. Adam enters the vault while Peter is left outside, confronted by Hiro, Matt , and Nathan . Hiro enters the vault and tries to stop Adam, who has the vial containing the virus hidden behind his back. Adam tells him that God had the right idea in flooding the world, wiping out humanity and letting the few remaining people have a new start. Hiro grabs Adam's shoulder and the two teleport away, with Adam letting go of the vial with the virus.

Later, Adam is seen screaming hysterically for "Carp " to let him out of his prison , in an unmarked grave , in the Aoyama Cemetery , where he has been buired alive .

Volume 3 Villains


 Eventually Adam is freed from his coffin to help Hiro and Ando...

Hiro and Ando dig up a coffin and open it to find Adam Monroe sleeping inside. Hiro leans in as Adam suddenly awakens, calls Hiro's name and grabs him by the neck.

Hiro asks for Adam's help, but he refuses. Hiro teleports Adam back into the closed coffin, out, and in again. Hiro tells Adam that if he agrees to help them, he will give Adam a more spacious cell. Adam eventually agrees. Hiro explains the theft of the formula to Adam, who suggests Angela Petrelli as the culprit. When Hiro tells him that she was the one who sent them to find the formula, he claims to have a plan, and takes Hiro and Ando to "specials for hire" bar . The bartender , recognizing Adam as the man who previously had an affair with his wife, attacks him. Adam flees the bar, and evades Hiro and Ando only to be captured by Knox .

Knox brings Adam to meet his boss at Pinehearst while explaining to Adam about his own.

 ...he is killed by Arthur Petrelli,when he sucks the energy out from him.

ability . When Adam discovers that Knox's boss is in fact the bed-ridden Arthur Petrelli , he becomes visibly frightened and tries to escape. Knox forces him back, and Adam begins screaming that he could be of use to Arthur before his hand is forced atop Arthur's. Arthur then uses his ability to steal Adam's . With his ability gone, Adam ages rapidly and withers to dust.


Volume 5 Redemption

 Hiro vs. Adam! Round 2
 Hiro's brain tumor got worse and he ended up in hospital where he entered a brain tumor caused hallucination.
They were in the Burnt Toast Dinner where Adam said that the case is 'The World vs. Hiro' and the judge himself is Hiro's father, Kaito Nakamura.Adam is the prosecutor and acusses Hiro of breaking his own code as a hero.Adam than called the first witnesses who were a young Kimiko Nakamura and Ando Masahashi.
Adam questioned Hiro about the 'carnival slushy' incident where present-day Ando who was Hiro's lawyer objected that his client only helped two people fell in love.The witnesses than arrived among them Sylar as well, but Charlie Anders wasn't there.Adam than questioned again and for the last time Hiro about her whereabouts.Hiro told that he made a deal with a villain who double crossed him and now Charlie is 'gone' in time. Kaito Nakamura found Hiro guilty.
After being found guilty HIro entered a hallway wich led a way into a light and everybody from the dinner was there Ando,Kaito, Lynette.When Hiro stopped he told his father that if this is the end than he wants to go out with pride.Kaito agreed and Hiro found himself face-to-face with Adam Monroe who was armed with a katana.Hiro had Takezo Kensei's sword.The two had a sword duel while Adam tried to force Hiro into the light,but overall Hiro overpowered Adam and stabbed him eventually killing him and ending the halluciantion.



 exactly at the time of his death, Adam had 377 years old(Not 400!)

Adam has the same power as Claire, cellular rapid regeneration/spontaneous regeneration. But we have seen the full extent of his power unlike Claire's, as his powers have allowed him to live for 400 years. It has also let him live through being shot by arrows and slitting his own wrists. The only way Adam can get killed is by a bullet right through the head of just some solid object in the head. However, if the object gets removed from his brain, he would regenerate again. The reason he will "die" when something is in his head is that as soon as something enters his brain, the brain would instantly stop working and will not regenerate anymore. If the object is removed from the brain, the brain would work again and regenerate instantly. Adam is quite knowledgeable of and skilled in the use of a sword, rivaling Hiro Nakamura himself.  

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