The end of con-sketches from Adam Hughes?

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Super-crappy news for all the AH! fans out there.  AH! seem to be calling it quits in regard to con-sketches.  After years of having his con sketches flipped on eBay, the straw that broke the camel's back arrived this past weekend at a Boston Comic Con in the form of a eBay flipper pretending to be a genuine fan ceaselessly begging for a sketch.  Needless to say, the sketch was on eBay 24 hours later. 

What a revolting development.

The infamous sketch:

Adam Hughes - Wonder Woman
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I saw that on Twitter last night. It's a shame, but I understand him not wanting to do it anymore if it's just gonna be thrown right up on eBay. 

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@The Dark Huntress: Agreed.  His sketches sell on eBay for 4 to 10 times as much as he charges at a con.  I think the only reason he did it so long was because of the (real) fans.
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Man...people are such scum...

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@satanmode: It just takes all the niceness out of the gesture. I mean, sure he charges, but what he does is truly a piece of art and he's obviously charging only a fraction of what it's worth. People abusing that must be so disheartening. Which sucks, because he seems like a genuinely really nice guy. 
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Can't blame him.

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'Tis a shame!

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Mr Hughes is such a nice guy. I understand him being tired of this. It is a shame for all of the real fans that a few bad apples messed things up.

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