Adam's Catwoman #46 Poster

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I'm trying to track down Adam Hughes poster of the Catwoman #46 cover after tearing mine down the center while trying to move it to a different wall. I've searched up and down the internet with no luck. What's really baffling me is that his other posters are all readily available, yet this one is sold out everywhere I've looked. I figured I'd ask here by chance one of you CV members may know some source that I've not discovered. Scratch Ebay, and Amazon is out of stock as well. Poster pictured below. Thanks for your time.

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If you reallllllllly want it, you could post the same message to AH's Yahoo Group:

His wife (Allison) posts there regularly (though she had a medical procedure performed recently). The group is pretty vibrant so you may have some success there. Good luck!

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Thanks for the link. I talked to someone at a store that recently sold the last of their stock. They pretty much confirmed my prediction that the poster is out of print and has been for a couple years now. So it's basically super duper rare. I'm out of luck until it pops up on ebay for a king's ransom.

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@uniform: Glad to see you tried out AH's Yahoo Group. Hopefully the link Terry provided is the solution to your problem.

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If you can get a high res scan of it there's always Kinko's.

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