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Adahm is the leader of an amateur bank robbing gang called the Goon Squad and wears an encephlo-amplifier designed as a crown that magnifies his telekinetic powers. Adahm and his gang would rob a bank when a woman sees Batroc on the streets and asked the Leaper if he could save her husband, the bank manager. Batroc agreed when the woman offered him a nice wad of cash. Batroc uses his amazing Savate skills to take down the gang and confront their leader. Adahm was a short person and was tired of jumping from one demeaning job to another. Adahm's powers were enhanced by his crown amplifier and planned to use the money he stole to finance his war against tall people. Batroc would evade Adahm's psychic blast attacks until his mask was singed from one shot. Batroc delivered one powerful kick that sent Adahm right into a trash can. Adahm's crown was destroyed and eventually apprehended thanks to Batroc the Leaper. 

Powers & Abilities

Adahm is a mutant that has telekinetic abilities. His encephlo-amplifier increased his powers and was capable of ripping open the vault doors with his psychic blasts.

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