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 AD Police Deploys
Originally created as a special anti-terrorism branch of the Tokyo Police Force, the Advanced Police was a small unit with "advanced" or military-grade weaponry.  They were radically expanded in the wake of the Second Great Kanto Earthquake in order to cope with hundreds of rioters, mass panic, and looting sprees.  The AD Police helped to reestablish law and order in the devastated city.

In the aftermath of rebuilding, the Genom Corporation brought in their newest product, the Boomer, robotic mechanoids to speed reconstruction.  However, such long and difficult construction tasks caused several Boomers to become damaged or malfunction due to lack of maintenance; and then proceed to go on rampages of destruction.  Normal police forces couldn't cope with these robotic beings with far greater strength and durability than any ordinary human.  In the end, only military grade weaponry could stand a chance to bring one of these rampaging monsters down.  Thus, the AD Police was tasked to handle these Boomer rampages.
Over the past few years however, the AD Police's main focus has expanded to handle all Boomer-related crimes.  This can range from investigating criminals who utilize Boomers for illegal activities; to riots and protests started by an ever growing number of unemployed people who lose their jobs to cheap labor Boomers; and to ensure that all Boomer research conducted by companies follow stringent guidelines.  
 Military Grade Boomer
But the majority of the AD Police is and remain Frontline Officers who are desperately fighting a losing battle against newer, more powerful, and more destructive Military Boomers with their obsolete weapons.  The AD Police increasingly finds themselves matched up against the new Military Boomers which are equipped with newer and more advanced armor plating; armed with lasers and beam weapons; as well as possessing the ability to fuse with other machines and cannibalize them to repair their own damaged components; and their own built-in flight capabilities.  The AD Police's old fashioned guns with ineffectual armor piercing shells; their lightly armed and unarmored helicopter gunships; and even their fragile, clumsy, and sluggish power armor are simply no match for these newer and deadlier cutting edge war machines.  Their causalities are staggering and increasing.  
Many AD officers suspect the monolithic mega-corporation Genom to be conducting their own live-fire experiments with Combat Boomers in Mega-Tokyo; where else can Boomers engage in whole scale destruction in an urban setting with a combat force equipped with military-grade weaponry?  
 Knight Saber vs. Boomer
With the politicians who are loathe to permit them the full, unrestricted use of their weaponry; to the citizens who already distrust the police and them even more so with their "overarmed" firepower; to even the Normal Police officers who view most of them as highly armed thugs; and even Genom putting pressure on them to drop cases and investigations into their corporate world; the AD Police is besieged from all sides.  
These criticisms are fueled even more so by a small band of urban vigilantes known as the Knight Sabers who have taken it upon themselves to step in when the AD Police fail, making them look worse, or incompetent at best.  While a great many AD Officers resent  these meddlers, a select few quietly breath a sigh of relief at the Knight Sabers' presence and turn a blind eye to these high-tech warriors.

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