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491425 Ovi08 Volume Overview Changed to past tense and made issue collection more user friendly. 07/25/14 09:12AM 2 Denied
488838 pikahyper Volume Overview 07/22/14 02:44AM 1 Approved
483817 pikahyper Volume Overview 07/15/14 02:22AM 2 Approved
363136 That60sGuy Volume Overview 02/09/14 11:30AM 1 Approved
298206 pikahyper Volume Overview 12/10/13 01:36AM 4 Approved
298205 pikahyper Volume Overview 12/10/13 01:35AM 1 Approved
256863 Nick-SV(ril) Volume Overview 10/23/13 05:48AM 1 Approved
209545 scouts1998 Volume Overview 09/12/13 12:47AM 1 Approved
194789 scouts1998 Volume Overview 08/26/13 05:18PM 26 Approved
194778 scouts1998 Volume Overview 08/26/13 04:56PM 26 Approved
171976 Thebookofshhh Volume Overview Stated this volume so I just added it in. 08/03/13 12:05AM 3 Approved
54746 HempKnight757 Volume Overview 05/09/13 10:16AM 1 Approved
54740 sheldipez Volume Overview Grant Morrison writer from #1 - 18 05/09/13 10:08AM 1 Approved
42745 pikahyper Volume Overview 04/30/13 12:32AM 1 Approved
42744 pikahyper Volume Overview 04/30/13 12:32AM 18 Approved
4274 Imaginathor Volume Overview One of the greatest and most vivd story arc of all time written by: Grant Morrison and Sholly Fisch. I guaranteed you will be begging for the next issue after each read.Jaw dropper and unbeliably great 03/30/13 01:33AM 19 Denied

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