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so in issue 6 when future supes and the legion went back in time they were in the space fortress, how did the past clark get there if he couldnt fly? in the next issue there is a ridiculous scene were he runs at 25000 mph and used an apparantly indestructable truck as a ramp to jump into space, so how can he get to the fortress whenever he wants if he had to go to all that effort in the next issue? did they travel back to a time that was their past but was still the future to the current action superman? if so how does it connect to the current story? and another thing, one minute everything is fine and dandy then all of a sudden he has 30 people inside his head? was the part of the story that a guy was trying to sell k taking place inside supes brain? this series is MASSIVELY overrated.

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just read issue 8. so the fortress is brainiacs ship. still dont like the series.

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@scuzz2.0: stop reading it then
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@scuzz2.0: Superman of the present, along with the Legion who are from the future, went back in time to the past where Action Comics was taking place. Before Superman getting to Brainiac's ship the first time, right after Brainiac took Metropolis.

The Anti-Superman Army stole the Kryptonite engine from the ship that brought Superman to Earth (Going to call that the Cradle for the sake of conversation.) Without the engine, the Cradle couldn't function, and it needed to be able to function for Superman to be able to use it the way he did to finish off Brainiac; so Present Superman and the Legion went to find the engine.

It turned out that at some point recently, in regards to present Superman, Nimrod the Hunter lodged a lead pellet inside Superman's head without him knowing. Because of tesseract technology compressing space, the Anti-Superman Army was able to occupy the apparently hollow center of the lead pellet, which was where they hid the Cradle's engine.

This was a time in the present of 'PastSuperman' from Action Comics, but obviously the past for PresentSuperman. This tied to the current arc because PresentSuperman knew he needed the Cradle to work to defeat Brainic, because he had done it, but the Anti-Superman Army had gone back in time and taken the engine. And yes, they were inside his head.

Also, Superman can't yet fly in Action Comics, but he develops the ability to fly at some point.

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are you saying that it was after the time metropolis was taken but before he used the ship to defeat brainiac? if so, they were on brainiacs ship, if this was before he was defeated then were is he? the cradle was miniturised with the rest of metropolis which is why he was able to use it as a bullit, so it couldnt have been during that time as the ship was full sized.

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maybe it was a time after issue 8 but before present day and the cradle has to constantly hold brainiac in check and without the k it would be unable to do so. but then why introduce a new time into the story?

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