SUPERMAN's First Appearance in ACTION COMICS Sells for $317,200!

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According to the Associated Press news release, the very first issue of Action Comics that featured Superman was sold for $317,200 in an internet auction today. The seller apparently had purchased the comic in the 1950's for 35 cents!
According to the buyer, the lagging American Economy contributed to the overall "great price."
There are apparently only about 100 issues of Action Comic #1's known to exist today, and they rarely (if ever) go up for sale.
While this is certainly a treasure as far as collector's are concerned; would you say it's worth the $317,200 bucks that was paid for it? Would you have paid that much for a #1 Superman?

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I believe the RESELLER purchased it in the 50's

Correction, Action comics=Superman's very first appearance. Is that better now?

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It will probably end atleast at three times the price in 30 years when Superman turns 30

I wouldn't have paid that much mainly because I don't have the money and well it's a comic

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so much work to get to respond to this....geesh!

that seems like a really low price for that book
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o.O wowzas thats amazing!

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yeah but i would not be the buyer but seller and if i had that issue id be stinking loaded ka-ching

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They should reprint that story and let it rock the shelves once again. And they should do the same with Detective Comics #27 (god i'd kill to read the very first adventure of the batman, pulp as hell!)

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Bloody hell.. That's a lot of shoes.

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Hey, Babs!

The first time I became aware that that issue of Action Comics was a valuable thing was in the early 80's. An acquaintance of mine at the time had bought a copy for $10,000 and I thought that he was nuts!


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it was the drummer from system of a down who bought it apparently.

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I think it could have been sold for more money... LOL.

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yea it could have  thats crazy smh 

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I think it is worth alot more than what they buyer paid for. He really got a bargin. The seller should of tried to get more I mean its the very fist comic when Superman is introduced and I love Superman. A copy of this should be in a Museum for all to see.

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um thats worth approximately 61-120 thousand dollars

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i think I'd rather take that money and buy the first appearance of everyone else, EVER


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