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A New Golden Age 0

I’ve waited a long time for this issue. I’ve engaged in a lot of smack talk leading up to it. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how Grant Morrison’s Action Comics #1 actually turned out. This is the Golden Age version of Superman perfectly updated for our modern world. Superman is acting as a social crusader for an economy in recession just as the first version of Superman did for the 1930’s depression. He really shows himself to be the “Champion of the Oppressed” once again in one memorable scen...

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Superman! Being a badass jerk in a world that hates and fears him 0

This is the first issue I get from the new 52 besides Justice League which I feared it would be difficult to read thanks to Morrison's unique storytelling but yet i forgot that he did write the best superman story around. And it turned out to be a great starting point for this new DCU as our sups who we all know and love is different.....   The issue starts with superman going all golden age on a crook as he do a batman fright at him. Causing him to be chased by the police......geez, it's like i...

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Action Comics 1 0

Reintroducing Superman as a younger more impulsive hero, who is not yet aware of just how powerful he really is, Action Comics delivers an exciting first issue. We all know who Superman the Icon is find out who :the superman" is, this issue shows us just how large a leap it s going to take for a an impulsive boy from the stars to become the world's greatest hero. This superman is a lot younger and a lot less in control of his power, calling him reckless is sort of understatement. He isn't afraid...

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Superman's New Beginning 0

At last! The new first issue of Action Comics is here! Rejoice, people!  As the editors of DC Comics have stated several times, Action Comics is set five years in the past and depicts Superman's early adventures. However, this issues do not depict Superman's origin in the new DCU. Instead, the story is set six months after Superman's public debut.  The story and writing are incredible. Grant Morrison has lived up to his reputation and given a new direction to the story of Superman. The story dep...

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Eh... it's better than Justice League #1... 0

O.K., first let me start by saying I like the direction they're taking Superman in. I was initially skeptical - he seemed a little too much like Batman from the preview - and there are a lot of dark avenger type heroes - Superman was one of a shrinking pool of true optimists in the superhero world.  But, I was a fan of Grant Morrison's Animal Man - a title I believe had some of the best issues of any modern superhero comic, so I was looking forward to this Superman reinvention, and after reading...

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When Morrison is good, he's really good. This is REALLY good! 0

Hands down, one of the most talked about books entering DC's New 52 is Grant Morrison's "Action Comics". I was excited yet concerned. I've been longing for a good Superman run for a while so I was genuinely excited when I saw Morrison and artist Rags Morales were teaming up. On the flip side I was concerned due to Morrison's occasional self-indulgence that bleeds over into his writing. It didn't take me long to throw my concerns aside as Morrison and Morales really nailed this issue.   Morrison...

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I Love the Superman! 0

As a rule, I love Action Comics. As long as it doesn't solely involve Superman. Because in general, Superman is boring. But not with Grant Morrison writing him, he isn't. Superman can't fly, he takes the law into his own hands, he can be injured, and Lois Lane isn't his girlfriend? That's not Superman! But he is! Referred to by the authorities as "The Superman." As if he were some kind of monster.I love everything about this new take on Superman. By the time I reached the end of this issue of Ac...

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Morrison Gets it Right 0

Probably the biggest title to come from DC’s New 52 is Grant Morrison’s relaunched Action Comics. The series has not been officially renumbered since 1938 when the original issue introduced Superman to the world. This month, Morrison introduces us to a different man of steel, who just may be more interesting than the Superman we’re used to…We find Superman a unwanted champion of the people. An extraordinary individual who doesn’t believe the law is equally just amongst the rich and poor al...

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Superman's past looks like a bright future! 0

As I suspected, this comic was a SMASH of action, a fresh start for the new Man of Steel. I'm not even a huge Morrison fan, but the man can write Supes, as he has demonstrated before. He brings characteristics from the Golden Age Superman and mixes them with a modern approach. The issues is action-packed, yet it balances very well the establishment of the characters and the tone of the series, plus, the cliffhanger, intelligent and exiting! The art, by the way, GORGEOUS! Definitively one of the ...

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What's the difference? 0

Surely it must be more than the costume and the powers, yet I don't see it.  Sorry for calling you surely. ...

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What a reboot! 0

Metropolis is a city, ruled by insider trading and slave-like labour. One man stands against all that. His name is Superman and he doesn't like the way things are done.  The Good Superman finally has a character again. In this one, Superman is not a blank canvas to push whatever political agenda the writer feels the need to push. He also isn't about some lame "We're all equal"-thing, from the looks of it. He's for the people. The city was alright, built upon injustices that had many be alright, ...

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Morrison Has Done It! 0

On one level, DC has already succeeded with their New 52 initiative – at least for month one.   I have about 4 Superman comics from the late 1990s (or early 2000s) and I think they were all gifts.   Other than reading The Death Of Superman in elementary school I’ve never been a reader of Superman.   Yet, here I am reading Action Comics #1.   Sure, part of that is Grant Morrison’s name, but it’s also partly due to the fact that they’re retooling him into being less of a tool.   As he was until n...

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The Prologue of the DCnU 0

73 years ago, DC Comics, at the time known as National Allied Publications, released an iconic comic book series that has stood the test of time, Action Comics. Through 906 issues, it has housed the adventures of the Man of Steel, Superman, while also playing host to some intriguing stories, such as the introduction of Christopher Chance, also known as Human Target, the stories of Nightwing and Flamebird during the New Krypton storyline, the memorable collaboration of Geoff Johns and Ri...

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Superman going back to his roots 0

    Cover I picked this issue at whim. I always liked Superman but I never could get into Action Comics or his own series because there were so many issues and I never knew where to start. But now with the reboot happening I took my chances and picked up this issue because I saw that I would not be lost because on the cover it says issue 1. I also really like Superman’s costume for the cover. It is different from the usual Superman costume but not drastically different. I think jeans look good ...

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We Used To Have Laws In This Town 0

This book is a double whammy, my friends. It is both the first Superman comic I have ever paid money for and the first Grant Morrison book I have ever read. Make that a triple whammy, because it's also quite good.Superman is a disruptive force. He considers himself far above the law. Arrogant and cocky, he barrels through a Metropolis that is hunting him down with abandon. If I were the cops I'd totally shut him down too. Morrison's work is revisiting the origin of Superman as the first metahuma...

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Running Wild In Metropolis 0

The Story: Adventures in the early years of Superman before he dons the full costume.  My Thoughts:After 904 issues, Action Comics has officially been relaunched starting all over at issue #1 with writer Grant Morrison coming aboard the series to begin writing a new origin for arguably the most iconic superhero character ever created; Superman.  One difference with this Superman and the one we've known for years, is that he was showing off his abilities in an almost cocky sort of way. That's not...

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The First Hero 0

It's a brand new day for superheroes as Superman is shown as a green hero in Metropolis and being new really gives his current uniform a strong effect. Seriously, do you expect everyone to be expert sewers and make costumes? No, so a T-shirt, some jeans, and boots are completely plausible at this point in Superman's life. And I believe his costume from the Pre-52 was made by his mom, and she and Pa Kent are dead as it has been revealed in spoilers released over the summer. With things like that ...

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A New Day 0

This was the title that made the top of my stack this week, and as the first pick of the week, I had rather high expectations. Everything about this book demands a level of quality, from the reputation of the creative team and the iconic status of the title itself. Even with all those lines firmly in place, I found myself utterly thrilled by the delivery of this book. Grant Morrison has always thrilled me, although I'm quick to note that I've often been incredibly confused by his style. This, ho...

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The Best Thing Is That There's Not Even a Hint of Smallville 0

Action Comics lives up to the hype as Grant Morrison and Rags Morales introduce us to an exciting new Superman in the early days of his superhero adventuring. While the jury is still out on this new interpretation of the character, there is no denying that this is one hell of a good start and one of the best examples of what DC's revamped continuity has the potential to offer.  Morrison looks back to Superman's original roots for this revamp, giving us a Superman that is back to being very much ...

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Superman vs La policía 0

En el primer Action Comic #1 desde el 1937 nos presenta los comienzos de Superman en Metropolis. Kent tiene un problema con la justicia en donde es juzgado como vigilante, además de ser alguien con súper poder. En eso nos presenta Jimmy Olson, Lois Lane y más importante, Lex Luthor. De antemano les digo que no soy fan de Superman por el hecho de cómo presentan. De que pueden hacer para un personaje que simplemente es poderoso.    El cambio de actitud que tiene el personaje para ser un comic de ...

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Brand New Action 0

Grant Morrison takes on Superman and transforms him, making him a relentless vigilante with sense of justice. We enjoy an old character with a fresh perspective, and a great beggining story for the new universe. It also has Morrison's artistic touch, which makes it more enjoyable and remarkable. The art is excellent and very detailed, showing Morales' classic touch. A must buy for everyone....

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Past and Present in Perfect Harmony 0

The Good: Oh my god. Rags Morales artwork. It's not the kind of art I gush over like Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely, or Dustin Nguyen where it's something wild, unique, and awe-inspiring; but somehow Rags Morales art is just PERFECT here. I can't even put my finger on what it is about it that makes it so good, but damn is just snazzy. There's a lot of care put into showcasing the tiniest details in subtle manners. The angles used in the artwork are always just right. For the historic relaunch of the...

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Cliche Comics! now Starring Superman! 0

Wow! it's Superman in jeans and a t-shirt acting like a d-bag in a world that doesn't trust or like him but put faith in the big bad guy that is seen as the uber good guy at the moment. Oh! And they depowered him "in theory" because he's younger and this is at the beginning of his career.  And Superman is soooooo hated that he makes them call in the military and makes all these trained soldiers incompetent as hell and endangers hundreds of lives with shooting at him with rockets and such...  Fir...

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Super? Nah, let's go with amazing instead. 0

I'm a big Superman fan. I love the concept of Superman, best summed up by Alan Moore as "The perfect man who came from the sky and did only good." I love the mythos built around him in the 1950s and 1960s under Mort Weisinger, with all its crazy, from a rainbow of Kryptonite, to the most complete history of Krypton, its people, geography and crazy beasties to date. I love the Modern Superman, the Golden, Silver, Bronze Supermen. Only Byrne's Superman do I have any issue with, and that's more abo...

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A story for all ages and a story for the ages. 0

From all of the 52 this is the one I was most excited for,  I trust Grant Morrison because everything he does is calculated.  Knowing Superman is a character meant for accessibility Morrison writes this story more for the classic elements of "Comics", meaning the surface drama and the kinetic Superhero action.  Rags Morales is a great compliment to this story, much like how Frank Quitely and Grant had great synergy in All-Star Superman, Morales proves to have great synergy with Morrison in Actio...

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More Powerful Than A Locomotive 0

I would throw myself underneath the wheels of any train of thoughtRoaming the rails or sailing through the roadways of your brain.If I could bring a light to shine upon the dark and disobeyThe night so young, but I still say we're too old for cliches.Oh, and I can only dream of he dreams we'd share if you were so inclined.I would love to be the one to open up your mind.- Jeff Tweedy, "Open Up Your Mind"Story/WritingPerfect. This issue does everything that is needed for a retelling of the Superma...

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Younger, Brasher, But More Awesome 0

New 52 has finally arrived, and now we get to see our favorite character's origins retold! Action Comics will re-create the origin of Superman to bring his story to date with modern times. With writer Grant Morrison working on Superman again, it will certainly be a change from the boy scout that we know and love.The GoodWhen this was announced, I didn't have high hopes for Action Comics. When you think of a younger Superman, you think of this, Legion Of Super Heroes adventures and plot twist tha...

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A Great Start!!!!!! 0

This new Superman is different, but cooler. The story shows superman making a man confess what he done, show a new Clark Kent and how people see him. The art is great and story is well done because Grant Morrison is writing, but also has a good story. I did like seeing Clark and Jimmy as friends, but also seeing seeing superman be really cool and is a badass too. Overall, I'm giving it a 5/5 because it has a great story, great writer, an evil Lex Luthor and an ending you want to know what will h...

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Morrisn FTW 0

The last time Action Comics #1 hit the shelves bran new was in 1938 and now its happened again!Good:We get to see the man of steel in his early days-before he’s really the man of steel as a matter of fact. He can’t fly yet, and he is quiet valuable compared to how we’ve seen him in the past. Grant Morrison has skipped over the usual origin story of him coming to earth as a baby and being adopted by the Kents. This is something I enjoyed because, frankly that story has been told and retol...

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Not as good as I had hoped 0

Fantastic artworkAction Comics is DC's flagship and upon hearing that It was going to Grant Morrison and Rags Morales, I was excited; but not for Morrison as I've never read any of his work but for Rags Morales as he's my favorite artist. There really isn't much of a story other than having Superman going around and trying to stop various things. This new version of Superman is younger as this is set before Justice League takes place. He isn't the big blue scout we all know him to be, this Super...

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What The Man of Steel needed! 0

The GoodThe good here, is that Superman had heart. He was a kid trying to just be a hero, he was trying to do what was best but he did it any old way. He didn't have much moral and would do anything to get the truth out of a criminal. The story was original and was fun, I always didn't want to see Superman acting like such a good guy with high morals and never, ever lies. It's such a lackluster personality. In this story, he was a jerk who wanted to beat the crap out of criminals, he was reckles...

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The Man From Krypton's New Attitude 0

Are you ready to remember why you fell in love with Superman in the first place? Grant Morrison does a terrific job of telling this once non-confrontational superhero's story, with a sharp new attitude. Superman fans will be pleasantly surprised with the new direction, and new readers will finally see what they've been missing all these years.The Good:Superman still knows how to kick ass, but now he's a little more eager to jump in and make his presence known. The fast pacing of the book fits gr...

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Living Up to the Name 0

If All-Star Superman was Grant Morrison's love letter to the silver age, Action Comics is his commentary on the original, golden age Man of Steel.I am personally biased here; I absolutely love the GA Superman (I have a t-shirt and everything); I'm a big fan of the Fleisher shorts and I love when the character is a little rough around the edges. Morrison's ideas for the character fit so perfectly with my own it's like he set out to please me, specifically.We are treated to a Superman who is young...

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Brand New Old School 0

I loved it. There was a sense of retro and nostalgia while still keeping it modern. Superman felt fresh and daring and in fact more in-keeping with how a newly emerging superhuman would be treated by a distrustful and disillusioned populace. There was a particular grittiness to Clark Kent that felt authentic and interesting, he is at once the old country (having moved to the big city from a farming community) and yet identifiable for new citizens as he is clearly living in an impoverished workin...

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Grant Morrison's Man of Tommorrow! 0

I know this is late but I thought I had already wrote a review, but I guess I was wrong.The Good: Grant Morrison really wanted to bring back Superman as he first appeared in 1938's Action Comics #1, and he did, Superman is brash, he doesn't take the time to think if something should be done another way, he just does it. It really puts the Action back into Action Comics. Here Superman isn't diplomatic, he just does what he thinks is right regardless of what anyone says or wants. I think this has ...

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First Superman Comic 0

Note: If you have read any of my other reviews, they all mention that I am new to comics as of September 2011. I finally took the plunge and have bought all the #1 issues of The New 52. I will be reviewing some of the most notably well down and poorly done, as well as a blog post just ranking them.Having said that, I also need to mention that this is my first Superman comic ever and honestly, I have NEVER been a fan of him. I always preferred Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, and other big name superher...

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The Start of Da Boot! 0

well this the start of the big 52 reboot, with who else Superman. In this version Superman is just starting out and he is the Blur more than Superman. Superman now sports a superman tee (that I own), jeans and brown boots, and a short red cap. Obviously, writer Grant Morrison thinks otherwise, and artist Rags Morales finds the character’s true power in this interpretation. I’m extremely curious how we’ll get from this to the costumed hero (in armor) that’s going to appear in Superman #1 later th...

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Action is the Key Word Here 0

I've decided to write more reviews so here we go. For Starters, I love Grant Morrison and I love Superman, so having these two combined is sure to be good. I love the idea of taking Superman back to his golden age roots and in my opinion it works. Superman is younger and is not the hero that we knew him to be but at the same time we see evidence that that hero is still in there. Superman has good intentions, trying to do the right thing either by exposing criminals by his writing as Clark Kent o...

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action comics #1 0

all i can say is absolutely brilliantthe art was amazing, and the writing was fantastic which doesn't suprise me considering morrison is behind it :D, it was a great start, showing supermans powers, explaining jimmy and lois's relationship with clark, and how lex and general lane feel about superman. i loved everything except for one tiny thing its the look of lex luthor, i expected a more aggressive look (bigger build,body and face) but its worth buying and collecting...

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So .... Superman is a douche.Seriously, he is a major Peter Parker wannabe douche.Worse than that he is a borderline fascist Peter Parker wannabe douche.Wow ... Someone green lit this."Hey we are taking Supes back to his roots. Back to the beginning,""You mean when he was a douche?""Yeah!!"On the plus side you have Grant Morrison doing his best Grant Morrison impersonation. Truly he needs to find Clark's character and make him more than the generic person he was putting on the page. In an attemp...

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