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"Superman in Exile" part 9, continued from ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (1986-2006) #454. Superman has been captured by slavers and sold as a gladiator to Warworld for the amusement of its leader, Mongul. But when he's forced to fight in the gladiatorial games, he refuses to kill his competitors! Continued in Superman (1987-2006) #32.

Superman, still captured by slavers (see Adventures of Superman 454) is sold as a gladiator to Warworld for the amusement of it's peoples and leader, Mongul. A cellkeeper learns that he is Kryptonian and delivers the news to the Cleric, a prisoner on one of the asteroids orbitting Warworld (the so-called "Pariah Penitentiary"). The Cleric refuses to believe that any Kryptonian could still be alive and tells the cellkeeper of his time on ancient Krypton, during the 5th historical epoch.

Meanwhile, Superman is forced to fight in the gladatorial games against many foes, refusing to kill any of them. Mongul decides to have Superman fight his prized champion, Draaga. As Draaga is about to defeat Superman, the Cleric merges minds with Superman and they share each other's knowledge of Krypton. Superman, with a surge of pride in his Kryptonian heritage, overcomes Draaga and challenges Mogul to a direct battle. The Cleric reveals that he is still in possession of the Kryptonian artifact known as the Eradicator.

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