johnkmccubbin91's Action Comics Annual #1 - Vulnerable; Anchiale review

What Can Stop the Kryponite Man?

I don't really know how to rate the Action Comics series has a whole as it's had it's ups and downs but when it's good it's usually great. I was slightly disappointed Morrison wasn't writing the first annual of the series but Fisch did a really good job. The art in this issue wasn't brilliant but still good and I've seen a lot worse, although I did however think it suited the Kryptonite Man. I did however love the art from Sook in the back story and hope to see more of it in the future.

This issue sees Superman facing his most deadliest threat to date the Kryptonite Man. Clay Ramsay a prisoner who has a hatred for Superman after he took his wife away from him agrees to undergo treatment to make him stronger than Superman. What they don't realise though is it's not his strength that is weakening Superman it's all the Kyptonite in his system. Superman however gets the help from Steel again and the question is can they stop the Kryptonite Man.

This was a great issue and one of the best annuals I have read so far. I really liked how we finally see something that can threaten Superman and I loved how we finally got to see the effects on Superman for the first time since the reboot. It was also nice to see all this anger and frustration come out of K-Man and you really can see the hatred he hold towards Superman. I also loved how we see Steel in the series again and have really wanted to see him appear since he last helped Superman. I am however still trying to like his new suit but for some reason I just can't. Although it does look more realistic it doesn't look as good as the pre-New 52 Steel suit. I also liked Superman's reaction when he realised he couldn't lift the car and how he was realising that for once in his life he's having to fight for his life. I also though the back story was very good and although it didn't have any text it showed Albert Michaels' transition into the Atomic Skull very nicely and I am looking forward to seeing him in the future of Action Comics.

Final verdict. A very good annual with a back story that's more interesting than the main. I would highly recommend this issue and am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for both Kryponite Man and Atomic Skull.

Rating: 4/5

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