tomlikesfries's Action Comics Annual #1 - Vulnerable; Anchiale review

Marriage Problems

The Good:

The change of writers really surprised me. You see, I don't love Morrison's writing that much and Max Landis did an amazing job.

In this annual issue, we get to see Superman's new villain, which I really liked. They have actually met before. Clay Ramsay, A.K.A Kryptonite Man was beating his wife some issues ago and Supes saved her, which left him... uh... pretty angry. The dude now wants to kill Superman and get his wife back no matter what.

I really liked the fight between them, but it felt a bit rushed, as Clark puts on an anti-radiation suit, which I thought kinda silly. Still, it was awesome.

Lex Luthor also makes an appearance in this comic, as he is the one who first proposed the change in Ramsay, by giving the doctor who changed him a kryptonite. Luthor would be happy even if the K-Man failed, because they would at least know Superman's weakness.

We also get to see what Dr. Irons (the guy who helped Clark in the fight against Brainiac) plans for his career. Superman thinks he should become Metropolis' superhero (second superhero :P), but he wants to help poor cities in other countries with his tech, which was nice and dramatical, as he makes a whole speech about how Superman influenced his choices.

In the end of the issue, Lois Lane's father makes a deal with K-Man, who is locked up. I'm not going to spoil that, so you'll have to check it out to know.

There is also a back up story, which shows us the Atomic Skull. This 8-page comic has a really good art and is going to make you wanna see some more of the villain.

The Bad:

The art in this issue was more or less, in my opinion. It was actually good, but it really failed at some points. I loved the previous artist's work so much, that I was not happy with the sudden change.


Even though the art wasn't the best, this annual was very good.

Art: 4/5 stars.

Story: 5/5 stars.

Overall: 4.5/5 stars.


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