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  1. The Talisman of Trouble! (Superman) -- 2. Jinx Ranch! (Congo Bill) -- 3. Stumpy -- 4. The Moonstruck Girl (Hayfoot Henry) -- 5. Faces in the Future! (Zatara) -- 6. Backstage Hunch -- 7. Daffy & Doodle -- 8. The Tiger's Skin! (Vigilante).

Cover: Superman fills in as a golf tee. Good thing no one powerful is playing golf. 

Lois and Clark are walking along a street on Metropolis's waterfront, when Clark sees a turbaned man in a building sawing through the support for a heavy sign, causing it to fall on someone passing by below. After a save at super-speed, the same would-be victim is about to cross the street when he is nearly run down by a team of horses driven by another man in a turban. Again, Superman leaps to the rescue, but after yet another save, the unlucky fellow trips on a curb and falls, breaking his arm. Lois and Clark hail a taxi and take the man to a hospital. The man tells Lois and Clark that he is Burton Hayes, an archaeologist, and that his bad luck is due to a wooden Malayan doll that he wears around his neck. He asks Lois and Clark to get rid of it for him so he can be free of its jinx. 
Lois, thinking the idea of a 'curse' is nonsense, wears the doll herself, but then falls prey to a series of bizarre 'accidents'. After saving her several times, Superman takes the idol and wears it himself. Back on the docks, Superman is attacked by another turbaned man and, pretending not to notice the attack, he follows the man back to a house in the Eurasian quarter of the city. Inside, three turbaned men discuss why "Yurg" calls them to kill so many victims. After capturing the men, Superman discovers that their turbans contain small radio receivers, and that the doll contains a miniature transmitter. The doll is therefore being used to summon Yurg's followers to kill its wearer. 
Meanwhile, Lois is visiting Hayes in hospital when Hayes's partner Langwell arrives with a basket of fruit. Superman arrives in the nick of time to discover a bomb hidden in the fruit, and unmasks Langwell's plan to kill Hayes and lay claim to a fortune in gems that the two of them brought back from Malaya.

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