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  1. Starring Susie (Superman) -- 2. A Very Close Shave (Hayfoot Henry) -- 3. Fish Catches Man (Zatara) -- 4. The Perilous Pearls (Congo Bill) -- 5. Daffy & Doodle -- 6. Knife Party -- 7. Treasure of the Ancients.

Cover: Superman tells a window washer who is up many floors how dangerous his job is (he may be able to leap tall buildings...). 

Superman: Lois's niece Susie has a penchant for telling tall tales. One day, after a particularly imaginative session, Susie's mother (Lois's sister) sends her up to bed without dinner. Susie, determined to show her mother she can become a famous actress, decides to run away to Hollywood. After walking a few miles, she grows tired, crawls into a car parked beside the road and falls asleep. As luck would have it, the car belongs to a couple of thieves who are breaking into the Welland mansion to steal a large ruby. Upon their return to the car empty-handed, the thieves discover Susie sleeping in the back seat. She tells them her story about running away to Hollywood, and the thieves tell her they are talent scouts looking for a child actress, and that they will take her to Hollywood if she can prove how good an actress she is by going up to Welland's house and giving him a sob story about being an orphan so that he takes her in, giving them a chance to get into the house. 
The next day at the Planet, Lois and Clark are disturbed to find that Susie has run away from her mother's home, when Perry White tells them that the Rajah Ruby was stolen from George Welland's mansion the night before and they have to go cover the story. When Clark hears that Welland is blaming a little girl for the robbery, he makes the connection and goes as Superman. After consulting with Welland, Superman tries to find Susie but so many cars answer the description of the one she was seen in that he can't find her. 
Meanwhile, we cut back to the night before to see what really happened in the Welland house. After Susie got in, she opens a back door and lets in the two thieves who now reveal their true nature, and break into the safe to steal the ruby. Susie surprises the thieves by punching them, grabbing the ruby and escaping from the house. Running through the night, she finds a train stopped to take on water and convinces the engineer to take her on board to help her get to Hollywood. The two thieves, seeing Susie get onto the train, plan to blow up the tracks further down the line to derail the train so they can get their ruby. Superman sees the explosion and, after saving the train, captures the thieves, finds Susie safe and sound, and returns the ruby to Welland.

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