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  1. Battle of the Redwoods (Superman) -- 2. Crime without Loot (Hayfoot Henry) -- 3. The Escape of Elephant Al (Vigilante) -- 4. Scuffy, the Tramp -- 5. Criminal's Return -- 6. Dead Man's Drum (Congo Bill) -- 7. Poor Dad -- 8. The Mental Marvel (Zatara)

Cover: Superman is karate chopping a tree down while a lumberjack looks on in surprise. 

Superman: Betty Wilder has inherited her father's lumber business, but the business is mired in debt. Betty is convinced that millionaire Bullwer Rylie used underhanded tactics to ruin her father's business and is now trying to do the same to her to get his hands on the business's one remaining asset: a patch of prime redwood timber, which Betty hopes can be harvested to pay off her debts. However, the lumbering operations have been plagued by mishaps which Betty is convinced are not accidental. 
Lois and Clark are visiting the lumber camp to gather material for a feature story when one of the "accidents" happens - a huge tree is about to fall on a building containin a lot of Betty's workmen. After switching to Superman to prevent the catastrophe, he has a word with Betty about her troubles and agrees to help. 
Singlehandedly, he cuts down 100 redwoods and chains them together to float them down-river to the sawmill in order to meet Betty's delivery deadline. Rylie gets word of Superman's intervention and tries to thwart his plans. He hires an accomplice to blow up part of the river bank to divert the river, and tries to dispose of Betty and Lois by shooting them. After saving Lois and Betty, Superman repairs the hole in the river bank, allowing the logs to reach the sawmill on time after all. 
He then catches Rylie's accomplice, who turns out to be Stan Caxton, the foreman of Betty's logging team, and someone she implicitly trusted. Caxton says that Rylie offered him too much money for him to refuse to betray her.

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