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Superman: One of the more cringeworthy entries in the Action catalogue, but considering it was the first Christmas after the end of World War II, it can be forgiven.

Lois and Clark are visiting a refugee children's home in Metropolis just before Christmas, and many of the children are sad that they must spend Christmas away from their parents and their homelands. So Superman decides to play Santa Claus and do a round-the-world tour to reunite the children with their lands and parents.

Superman borrows some gliders from the US Air Force and tows the children, along with loads of presents, to various countries around the world. His first stop is in Alaska, where he saves some men delivering presents when they get caught in a blizzard. Next, it's on to China, where a Chinese refugee girl is reunited with her mother (although Chinese Christmas customs are described, these would more likely be celebrated at Chinese New Year, which is in February, but hey, it's just a story).

Next, it's on to Russia, where Superman contributes to festivities by setting up a large Christmas tree decorated with radium (it was a less health-and-safety conscious age) to make it glow in the dark.

Then to Holland, where Superman dresses up as Santa Claus to distribute presents, and then to Norway, where Superman's offer to take a boy back to Metropolis to be with his father is turned down, with the boy saying he would rather spend Christmas in Norway with his friends.

Finally, Superman rolls up a huge snowball and carries it in the stratosphere to Venezuela, where he causes it to snow for the first time.

Upon his return to Metropolis, Superman discovers that the Norwegian boy has stowed away, and that he only said he didn't want to meet his father since all his friends in Norway had lost their fathers in the war and he didn't want to make them feel bad.

The story ends with Superman standing under some mistletoe and Lois trying to seize her chance to kiss Superman, but Superman does a quick change to Clark so Clark finally gets a kiss from Lois.

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