harleyquinn12's Action Comics #904 - Reign of the Doomsdays, Finale review

Wrapped up nicely.

This is the last issue of the volume of Action Comics before September. I've only been following this book since Paul Cornell came on, and i've enjoyed his run so far. He wrote a great lex story, and my main problme with this story is that i don't understand it. It's been fun, but what are the Doomsdays motives? it seems a bit abstract, and i don t really understand where they come from. This issue was a good ending, but defintley not perfect. 
What was good? 
The story itself was emotional and shows how Superman can't save everybody. It shows how even though Superman is super-powerful in terms of strength, he's not unbreakable in terms of emotion. We get to see his relationships with the Eradicator, Doomsday, and even Lois lane. The action in the issue isn't toned down, and I enjoyed seeing all the different heroes. I really enjoyed the art by Axel Gimenez and Ronan Cliquet. The character figures are sharp and sketchy,while the faces are clean and rounded, and i liked that contrast. 
What was bad? 
I don't get the whole plot. Where did the Doomsdays come from? Their motives seem a bit abstract. They want to take ove rthw rold seems very bland, and not fitting for the final story before the new 52 reboot. Their personalities are a bit vague, only coming off as crazy villains with no real motives. 
The whole story itself was not that great, but the dialogue and characters moments are pretty good. The art was amazing in this issue, and the issue was worth buying for the art alone.


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