gordon_kelly's Action Comics #901 - Reign of the Doomsdays, Part 1 review

Action Comics Doomsday's War

I enjoyed this issue and bring back all the main charters from the 1992 and 1993 Death of Superman rerun of the series and diffrents Doomsday's to fight off but that Cyborg Superman is a bit of a pain in the butt. I enjoyed reading Action Comics and wow even today it is still going on 900 was awsome to read. The last time I read Action Comics was in 1993 time flys so fast these days. I was glad to see Superman and his cousin Supergirl and his clone cousin Superboy and Steel also Eratcater on the team. I am not a bit of Action Comics reader. I was reading Batman series even today but I made my choice to go come back to read Action Comics and I still will read Batman comics and the new Action Comics series. I have some of the old Action Comics like # 443 1975, Action Comics # 444 1975, 1976, Action Comics #456, Action Comics # 466, 1976, Action Comics # 546, 1983, last but not least Action Comics # 583 1986. Those where the ones I got before the 1992 Death of Superman storyline. I enjoy Action Comics things change in over the years but I will get use to now. Also if I may add when it tells on the top that the Green Lantern movie is coming out that pretty cool to tell people about the movie. Comics like that will be worth a lot of money in years to come.
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Posted by PandaBear

What the...? How is this a review? It's more like a brief history of your experience with Action Comics... crazy.

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