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please stop butchering the multiverse

I am so disapointed with this. I had just finished Earth-2's first issue before I read this and I can't help but Morrison has ruined so much of the progress that DC has made with the multiverse. Earth-2, in my opinion, was a perfect way of introducing the multiverse carefully for the post-flashpoint world. Robinson did an excellent job of creating a new world which was different in so many ways without overloading the reader with the complexities of how the multiverse worked. I was so excited that DC was finally doing something right with the new 52 and there was so much potential but this has now all been undone by the god-awful team of Morrison and Ha.

Action Comics #9 jumps right into a brand new universe (earth-23) and follows this universe's superman. Before getting settled into this universe and it's characters, superman finds some big machine (I can't remember what it was called and I really couldn't face reading through this comic again to find out) and out pop Lois Lane and the burnt bodies of Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen from a whole new universe altogether. The rest of the story is an piss-poor attempt to explain how these three have managed to create an artificial superman and discover multiverse travel by syncing their thoughts or something. Superman then fights the new artificial superman and luther saves the day and then the earth-23 justice league show up. I was so disappointed with this book I couldn't bring myself to read the back-up story.

Any mystery surrounding the multiverse has been ruined. The potential for Earth-2 to work towards any kind of significant revelation has been lost. I can't comprehend why DC has decided to reveal the multiverse in such a disappointing way. Earth-2 will probably still be great but I'm so frustrated that Morrison had to jump in with such a stupid story that has turned me so completely off the new 52 world. And Gene Ha's art makes things so much worse. I have never liked his style and can't understand why he is allowed on so many important projects.

This story would have gone alright if it was published a while after the multiverse had been established. Or even played out over a proper story arc with a better artsist. Instead it's been jammed into a one shot which was completely unnecessary and takes away so much form the concept of a multiverse. I've been so disappointed with action comics. To me it represents everything that was wrong with the pre-flashpoint world. DC had a chance to make something great and instead they've let Morrison play out some really stupid ideas. I can't help but feel that action comics doesn't fit in with the other new 52 titles. This will certainly be the last issue I read.

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