haydenclaireheroes's Action Comics #9 - The Curse of Superman; Executive Power review

Earth 23 Superman

Here is my video review for Action Comics issue 9. Tell me what you think about the video review in the comments below:


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    Awesome issue 0

    I haven't really cared for Morrison's Action Comics run, but I really enjoyed this issue. It was really random, but still very good. I loved the idea of a black president Superman. It kinda made me feel like anyone could be Superman in the multiverse. This character is gonna be featured again in Grant Morrison's Multiversity, so I can't wait to see him again. As a bonus, the art was top notch. Kinda feel like a lot of people have been hating on Morrison for some irrationally stupid reasons, whi...

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    Yup, Grant Morrison Wrote This 0

    This is the most Morrisonesque issue of Action Comics yet. The main characters create a device that makes dreams manifest after learning about the idea from some monks. Another character creates an amazing device while high on drugs. I haven't read anything that explores Morrison's ideas this fully since Batman RIP.Morrison also has some fun with the idea of Obama as Superman. What I mean by that is that in the backup story Superman deals with the Iran/Iraq expy in a way I really wish we could h...

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