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Yup, Grant Morrison Wrote This 0

This is the most Morrisonesque issue of Action Comics yet. The main characters create a device that makes dreams manifest after learning about the idea from some monks. Another character creates an amazing device while high on drugs. I haven't read anything that explores Morrison's ideas this fully since Batman RIP.Morrison also has some fun with the idea of Obama as Superman. What I mean by that is that in the backup story Superman deals with the Iran/Iraq expy in a way I really wish we could h...

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Capeless Crusader reviews ACTION COMICS #9 0

Since the last issue of Action Comics ended that particular story arc, Grant Morrison and company took a brief detour this month, giving us a one-off tale of Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth 23. This is a character who was debuted by Morrison himself back in Final Crisis, when he was recruited into the multiversal army of Superman to fight against the immortal space-vampire Mandrakk. While that particular résumé could only have sprung from Morrison's unchained imagination, the tale he tells i...

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Classic Grant Morrison! 0

This week DC attempts to reintroduce the concept of the Multiverse and they pass with flying colors!The Good:This issue was classic Grant Morrison. High concept, head scratching at times, and brilliant. Morrison truly succeeds in explaining the multiverse concept in a way that feels both classic and brand new. It's also perfect for readers unfamiliar with the concept. This issue also introduces a VERY promising new villain who I hope to see more of in the future. We also see the perfect example ...

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Corporate Corruption and the Ultimate Irony 0

Can we just... can we PLEASE drop these co-features in Action Comics? There were a few that were nice and heartwarming; but most of them are utterly pointless. And being pointless in a Morrison comic is almost a sin. But I digress. I actually LOVED the co-feature at first. It was a neat expansion on an interesting alternate Superman; and the clever way he smooth talked that dictator... it was GENIUS. But then Fisch HAD to ruin it. The end is Wonder Woman of Earth 23 giving President Superman a w...

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Earth 23 Superman 0

Here is my video review for Action Comics issue 9. Tell me what you think about the video review in the comments below:...

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Action Comics #9 0

Action Comics #9SummaryAction Comics takes a break from the usual escapades of Clark Kent, to bring us a story from Earth-23. Earth-23 Superman, AKA President Superman, is met by inter-dimensional travellers who are being perused by a commercialised Superman “gone wrong”. The issue attempts to explore the philosophical context surrounding the “superman”, while at the same time condemning the ideals of consumerism. In addition, the issue concludes with prospects of more the multiverse being intro...

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please stop butchering the multiverse 0

I am so disapointed with this. I had just finished Earth-2's first issue before I read this and I can't help but Morrison has ruined so much of the progress that DC has made with the multiverse. Earth-2, in my opinion, was a perfect way of introducing the multiverse carefully for the post-flashpoint world. Robinson did an excellent job of creating a new world which was different in so many ways without overloading the reader with the complexities of how the multiverse worked. I was so excited th...

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Awesome issue 0

I haven't really cared for Morrison's Action Comics run, but I really enjoyed this issue. It was really random, but still very good. I loved the idea of a black president Superman. It kinda made me feel like anyone could be Superman in the multiverse. This character is gonna be featured again in Grant Morrison's Multiversity, so I can't wait to see him again. As a bonus, the art was top notch. Kinda feel like a lot of people have been hating on Morrison for some irrationally stupid reasons, whi...

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