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  1. The Adventure of the Stingy Men (Superman) -- 2. The Clue of the Crazy Rhyme (Hayfoot Henry) -- 3. Darts of Death (Congo Bill) -- 4. The Avengers -- 5. Of Cops and Robbers (Vigilante) -- 6. Pranks and Parrots (Zatara)
Superman: Hocus and Pocus, the "accidental magicians" first seen in Action #83, have set up their detective agency and Superman decides to drop by to see how they are doing. As he arrives at their office, he sees them hired by Henry Weston to entertain his guests at a party. Although this isn't the detective work Hocus and Pocus wanted, it pays well so they decide to take the job. 
At the party, they perform several amazing tricks such as making an elephant appear out of a hat and raising a fully-grown oak tree out of the ground. All the tricks are fulfilled by Superman, of course, working at super-speed so nobody can see him. 
One of the spectators is scam artist Roger Nolan, who says he wants to get a couple of stingy millionaires, Hiram Slag and Benjamin Crabbe, to contribute towards the building of an orphans' home, and that he needs Hocus and Pocus to perform some tricks to convince the misers to part with their cash. In reality, Nolan wants to take the donations for himself. 
First up is Slag who, naturally, refuses to contribute any money. Hocus and Pocus cast spells to transport Slag in his bed to the North Pole and have him attacked by a polar bear (all arranged by Superman). He is then whisked back to his bedroom, where he believes the experience was a dream, but is so shaken by it that he agrees to contribute the money. 
Next comes Crabbe, who is transported in his bed to Arabia, where he is made to look like a kidnapper of a sheik's son. Just as Crabbe is about to be run through by the sheik, he is transported back to his bedroom, where he too believes he had a premonition warning him to contribute to the home. 
The next day, when both misers deliver the cash, Nolan is about to shoot Hocus and Pocus when Superman intervenes. With Nolan out of action, Hocus and Pocus are about to return the money when Superman says it would be better to use it for what the donors intended, and the orphans' home is built.

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