captain_blah's Action Comics #865 - The Terrible Toyman review

The Toyman Strikes!

Superman has had a few kooky villains in the past and the Toyman was no different. That was, until

Geoff Johns got his hands on him.

Now, the Toyman has been born anew. New design, new origin, new layers that make him a viable, even

frightening, threat. The story chronicles the Toyman's origin from his point of view, and paints him

as a genius who feels that the grim world of adults has tainted the wondrous world of childhood. So,

he kills adults, but never harms children. He also reveals that all past Toymen were amazing robots of his

creation. Eventually he is captured, taken to Arkham, and with a bit of an end twist, is transformed

into a psychotic, menacing bad guy.

Merino's art, while not exactly my cup of tea, compliments the great story provided by Johns. In the

end, it's a fun one-off story that re-invents a classic Superman villain in a cool, inventive way.

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