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  1. "The Enchanted Mountain" (Superman) reprinted in Superman #272 & The Best of DC #3.
  2. "Mysterious Marauder" (Congo Bill)
  3. "Orient of the Occident" (Vigilante)
  4. "In the Cards"
  5. "The Pyrotechnician" (Hayfoot Henry)
  6. "Crime -- Off the Record" (Zatara)
  7. Jasper.

Cover: Superman buries a Japanese military man with 7th War Loans sponsored by the American people - obviously done in World War 2.


Some time in the past, the villagers in the town of Morabia in southeastern Europe are celebrating their harvest festival when news arrives that the evil wizard Wokit has returned after an absence of many years. His magical castle has appeared atop Wokit mountain.

Within the castle, the wizard casts a spell that makes him appear as a giant falcon, and he swoops down on the village, capturing a small boy who he takes back to his castle to transform him into a statue on the castle walls.

Meanwhile, Superman hears the rumours of the wizard's return and decides to visit Morabia to see for himself. Upon arrival, he is hailed as the champion who will rescue the boy and rid the town of the wizard.

When the wizard sights Superman, he attacks in his giant falcon form, but Superman fights him off. The wizard tries a few more spells, eventually managing to hold Superman powerless in his grasp. However, Superman realizes that the wizard is nothing more than an illusionist and his magic relies on people believing in what they see, so he uses his mental strength to dispel the illusions. As Superman is about to capture the wizard, Wokit casts an illusion of flaming meteors crashing into the town, so Superman is diverted to save the townspeople.

He gathers the village together and convinces them that if they refuse to believe in the illusions, their effects will vanish, and when the villagers try disbelieving, they find that the little boy was never taken by the falcon at all, and he reappears in the village.

To complete his mission, Superman demolishes Wokit mountain so the wizard's castle will have no base on which to rest, and upon doing this, the castle vanishes into thin air.

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