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General Zod, Ursa, and Non have made their way to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. The Kryptonian crystals were designed to only work for Kryptonians. They believe that Kal-El is speaking to them. Zod "asks" to hear about himself. Outraged over the fact that Jor-El chose to reamain quiet about Krypton's desrtruction after his former mentor, Non, had his mind altered and they were sentenced to the Phantom Zone, he destroys the crystals. They also discover Superman's interplanetary habitat for near extinct species along with his memorial to his parents. When they come upon the Phantom Zone projector, they see Mon-El, still imprisoned and state that the projector holds the key to their future along with their son.

In Metropolis, Clark and Lois prepare to introduce their new "foster son" (whom they don't realize belongs to Zod and Ursa) to the staff of the Daily Planet. They are calling the Kryptonian child Christopher but can't remember whose cousin's kid he is (Batman did all the paperwork).

As Jimmy takes a picture of the happy family, the building is hit by several red beams. Jimmy activates his signal watch as Clark runs off to change into Superman. Before he gets a chance to fully open his shirt, he (and part of the wall) are taken out by Non. Clark smashes through several buildings before landing in a park. He now finds himself face to face with Zod.

Meanwhile, Ursa smashes through the Daily Planet in search of her son. Lois is shocked to discover Christopher's mother. Chris states that he doesn't want to go with her and begs Lois not to make him go. His name is revealed to be Lor-Zod. With a flick of her fingers, Ursa snaps Lois' arm and she's off with Chris.

As Superman and Zod fight, Zod reveals that he plans on taking Earth and transforming it into New Krypton. He also manages to bring in an army of Kryptonians. As Superman watches them arrive in disbelief, Zod uses the Phantom Zone projector on him.

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