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  1. The Chef of Bohemia (Superman) -- 2. The Bloke who Croaked the Oak (Hayfoot Henry) -- 3. Portraits for Plunder (Vigilante) -- 4. Incident on Hill X -- 5. A Fortune in Feathers (Congo Bill) -- 6. Planes without Pilots (Zatara)
Superman: Racketeer Biff Condor wants to take over a bohemian restaurant called the Borsht Bowl, run by Russian chef Sergei, so he can turn it into a night club with an illegal gambling den in the back. Sergei, however, refuses to give up his place, since although he doesn't make much money from it, it's a lifeline for the area's struggling artists. 
Condor decides to try force, so for his first attempt he sends in a couple of his thugs to rob Sergei so he can't pay the rent. Just as the landlord is about to evict him, Superman captures the thugs and returns Sergei's money. 
For his next attempt, Condor sends round a crowd of homeless men to try to swamp Sergei with too many orders. Again, Superman saves the day by preparing the food at super-speed. In gratitude, Sergei insists Superman come by that evening so he can prepare a special meal for him. 
Condor is getting tired of his attempts to get rid of Sergi failing, so he sends round some more thugs to kidnap Sergei and bring him back to Condor's headquarters, where he plans to force him to sign his lease away. As he is being strong-armed out of his restaurant, Sergei leaves a piece of beef on the counter. 
Later, when Superman shows up for his meal, and is surprised to find Sergei missing. However, he sees the beef on the counter and realizes that with Sergei's Russian accent, he would pronounce it as 'biff' on the 'condor' (well, that's not a real Russian accent, but hey, it's a story...). So he goes to Condor's main night club and finds Sergei held captive in a back room. After a confrontation with Condor and his thugs, Superman rescues Sergei.

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