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  1. 'Superman Joins the Circus' - (Siegel/Shuster) When Clark is sent to interview the owner of the Jordan circus, he learns that it is on the brink of bankruptcy. He decides to sign Superman up as the circus' star attraction - then he finds something sinister going on behind the scenes!
  2. 'Chuck Dawson' - (Fleming) Chuck Dawson learns that some gunmen are planning to raid a small ranch called the Diamond-H, and sets out to warn them, but when he arrives, the ranch is already under attack!
  3. 'The County Football Championship' (Pep Morgan) - (Baxter) Pep Morgan is kidnapped by gamblers with $50,000 riding on the outcome of the county championship playoff game.
  4. 'Sport-Data' - (unknown) illustrated sports trivia
  5. 'Coyote Canyon Bill' - (unknown) a 3/4 page gag strip
  6. 'Adventures of Marco Polo' - (Elven) The Polos are trapped in a Bandit's lair.
  7. 'The Diddle Family' - (unknown) two members of the the Diddle family cook up a scheme for an evening's car ride
  8. 'Jungle Episode' - (Martin) a text story about two rubber plantation engineers who run afoul of a native Congolese tribe.
  9. 'Double Trouble pt 2' (Tex Thomson) - (Bailey) Tex Tompson is imprisoned by a group of rebels in a small nation.
  10. 'Now You Know' - (unknown) strange facts
  11. 'The Five Point Bank Holdup' (Scoop Scanlon) - (Ely) Why did the bank robbers leave the money behind?
  12. 'Zulu Diamond Mine' (Zatara) - (Guardineer) Zatara and Tong come to the aid of a besieged diamond mine
  13. 'WESThrills' - (Kesson) Facts about some colorful historical figures of the Old West

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