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The form of a man made up of red energy awakens in a facility in the Arctic having the memories of Superman and heads to Metropolis! Reports of Superman's return spread rapidly, but is this really Superman back from the dead?

The regular cover is die-cut, both versions feature a poster of the Eradicator.

A being of pure energy is created in the Fortress of Solitude in Antarctica by Superman's robots. The being emerges confused and shocked and one of the robots explains that he was discorporated and that his essence was collected by a mobile field effect. The being watches the news archives of Superman's battle with Doomsday and the funeral then flies off to Metropolis to find Superman's body. The being enters Superman's tomb and opens the casket. He enters the corpse of Superman and puts on the cape. Trying to emerge from the tomb, he is blinded by the light and reflects that he must return to the Fortress so no one will see him.

Meanwhile Bibbo, despondent still at Superman's death, puts on his Superman sweater and shorts and pledges to serve Metropolis as its new Superman.

Back at the Fortress, the Eradicator is impressed by his powers but bemoans that he is now sensitive to light and can no longer absorb energy from the sun. He sees news of rioting in Metropolis and dons Superman's cape and shield. He flies to his city and takes down some thugs.

Lex Luthor is monitoring the news reports about the return of Superman in his office and mentions something about recovering the body from the Cadmus Project to Dr. Happersen. Supergirl busts in through security to talk to Lex about the Supermen returning.

An airplane flies out of control in the direction of a large crowd of people and the Eradicator flies and lands the plane safely, earning the admiration of the onlooking crowd, which includes Lois Lane. Eradicator picks up Lois and they fly away and have a private conversation. He can't remember anything other than she was affected by his death and that she's a reporter. She tries to kiss him and he rejects her saying that Clark Kent is gone and only Superman remains.

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